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Top air conditioning services provider for Johannesburg and Pretoria. We work on a variety of air conditioner brands and models. Welcome to one of the best companies for air conditioning assistance in Gauteng. New air conditioner fitting. Air conditioner servicing. Repair of faulty air conditioners. Aircon service on contracts. Gauteng Aircon is open for business to home owners and business community.

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Air conditioning services

Affordable Air Conditioning Installations

We have thorough and efficient air conditioning installers to fulfil your dream.

Installation of different unit systems to suit your space and your overall room design. From installing the popular mid wall split air conditioners to packaged units. Our air conditioner installers are fully equipped to fit in a new air conditioning units in less than half a day.

An additional benefit of using our air conditioner fitters is that we aim to lower the cost of fitting a home air conditioner unit or office unit. First, we try a position that will make it possible for a back to back fit.

As in some cases, the air con installation kit will include 3m length accessories, so it is cheaper if we can manage to fit in a back to back air conditioning system. Furthermore, our air con installers will follow the process to the end, making sure the right amount of gas is present.

For air conditioner unit installation quotation, there is no call out fee. Especially the packed unit installation, we make sure we visit site to give out reliable quote. If you are looking for low air conditioning installation price, you are at the right place!

Split air conditioning installation

Split air conditioner installation means no need for ductwork.

Air Conditioner Repairs & Maintenance

To add to unit fitting, we do servicing of cooling systems on contracts as well as once off. Contracts have the benefit of lower rates

Some of the items we look at during servicing are:

To clean the condenser coils of dirt and other small particles that may find their way in an ac unit.

We clean drain system.

The most basic form of air conditioner maintenance service activity. Air conditioner drain line should be clear of dust and particles, so as to prevent the possible over working of compressor due to blockages.

In addition, we top up the refrigerant if it is low. Air conditioners regas is usually necessary when you notice a lower cooling effect.

Other parts we check on air con servicing include:-

The evaporator,  air circulation vents, grills, safety controls and likewise to evaluate the overall system that the whole unit is in working order

Similar to mechanical parts, we further assess electrical parts as well, such as the circuit breakers.

While ac unit repairs might involve fault finding and replacing worn out parts. Examination of capacitors, compressors and controls may be necessary in fault findings. The repair of air conditioning units can be lowered or prevented by regular maintenance.

Air Conditioning Repairs and Servicing

AC unit repairs could mean replacing parts

Two Main AC System We Work On

We perform thorough home split air conditioning system service as well package unit system service. Split air conditioners are more popular now in South Africa as opposed to window air conditioners.

They come in inverter and non-inverter split models as well cassette and under ceiling split air conditioners

Top aircon brands associated with split unit ac includes the ones below.

  • Kelvinator
  • Panasonic
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Fujitsu General
  • LG
  • Daikin
  • Samsung
  • Dunham Bush
  • Jet –air
  • Alliance

Packaged ac systems

Packed air conditioning unit maintenance and repairs. Most factories and supermarkets use this system and works well for them.

We do thorough maintenance of these rooftop central cooling systems. There is no ac system that we can not work on. We offer an all round ac system installation and repair service.


Top Aircon Installers in Pretoria and Johannesburg

We are top aircon installers in Gauteng. Our air conditioner installation process is thorough to provide you with the best services in the province.

Our aircon installers ensure that the outdoor unit is at a location that yields best results and safe install.

During aircon installation, we ensure proper distance between your indoor unit and outdoor unit. This is important in order not to lose too much cooling ability as the distance increases.

Additionally, our installers make sure that aircons are fitted at correct distances from ceiling as well as from floor, for maximum output.

Proper spacing between wall and outdoor unit.