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The Gauteng air conditioning contractor's technicians are well trained. They have the experience and knowledge in dealing with heating and cooling systems

What to Expect from Us

Expect proper cooling unit fitting that follows the steps indicated by the unit makers. We do our work in a manner that makes it possible for you to enjoy a longer working span for your system. We do not make errors on the proper charge of gas for instance. Furthermore, we work on a variety of brands that are popular in South Africa. When we come to assess your area, we check for the best solution for your case. You can discuss with our team on site for choices available.

To add to unit fitting, we do servicing of cooling systems on contracts as well as once off. Contracts have the benefit of lower rates

Some of the items we look at during servicing are:

To clean the condenser coils of dirt and other small particles that may find their way in

We clean drain system

In addition, we top up the refrigerant if it is low

To check the evaporator for normal function

We maintain air circulation vents as well as grills

To make sure that safety controls are in good working order

Likewise, we evaluate the overall system that the whole unit is in working order

To inspect and correct the electronic parts of the cooling system, such as capacitors

We adjust the thermostat level position if it s necessary

Make sure parts are tightly bolted

To oil components that need oiling

Similar to electronic parts, we further assess electrical parts as well, such as the circuit breakers.


What to expect from Gauteng Air Conditioning

Checking condenser coils for dirt and debris

Cleaning drains

Attending to leaks

Evaporator checking

Maintaining air circulation vents

Ensuring functionality of safety controls

Evaluating systems efficiency

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We believe in informing clients on healthy ways to operate and maintain their units, therefore we upload DIY videos with guidelines on maintenance

At Gauteng Aircon, we believe in doing it right first time! Apart from fitting your units in time and providing quality service, we also make sure we leave your place smart and clean.

Our technicians have good training, experience and knowledge in dealing cooling systems. If you are not sure about choice of product you will get help even on the spot.

Moreover, you are free to ask anything on site and get the help you seek.

In addition, our rates are fair and we price so that you can afford us. No surprises and no hidden costs. Therefore, we advice that you let us come over to check before we quote. Our technicians will consider all the facts that will affect the price of the job. Furthermore, you even get a price on the spot in most cases.

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