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Various air conditioning installation methods exist depending on the type of system one may prefer. Considerations for installation of air conditioners similarly depend on factors such as room size or number of rooms that need the service. Other factors at play are the cost of installation and the cost of running and maintaining the system. Air conditioning installation also requires some consideration of energy efficiency of selected method.

An aircon system can be split air conditioning, central air conditioning system, window air conditioning system or split central aircon. Each one of these has its own advantage and disadvantage. Once the user determines the purpose, size/number of rooms which needs aircon and budget, an appropriate method can then be selected.

Sizes of air conditioner units also vary according the the room size


Air conditioner installation costs

The costs of air conditioning installation are become less with time. The costs will depend on the size of aircon unit, which is determined by the room size. Also, central air conditioners require ducting, which gives a higher initial costs (installation). However, ducted air conditioning units have a long term energy efficient benefit and they are more effective at cooling.

Other factors that determine costs are whether support structures exist before installation. If ducting is already in existence, central aircons are cheap. Therefore one has to be aware of these factors before making a decision.

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