Air Conditioner Installation Pretoria and Johannesburg

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Many air conditioning installation methods exist which have specific benefits. Additionally, the size and capacity of the unit to fit will also be taken into account. If you know the area of the room, you will know the size of air conditioner to fit. To add on to that, we also look at the number of people that will use the unit often.

If you have the money, you may want the one that gives the most cooling. Some units require that you have enough money even to pay for monthly costs to run it. This is true for the ducted system.

If you are not sure, let us know and we discuss what is best for you. There is no cooling system that does not work. What you need is simple – match a system with your needs. This is where we come in as well, because after that, you will have the best solution for your space.



The Cost of Fitting Air Conditioners – How Much Does It Cost For Air Conditioner Installation Pretoria and Johannesburg

The cost of air conditioning installation is becoming less with time. The costs will depend on the size of aircon unit, which we determine from the room size. The type of system is also another fact to look at when it comes to cost. In particular, central air conditioners require ducting, which means a high initial costs (fitting). However, these units have their own benefits. Central systems are better in converting energy and in cooling ability.

There are situations in which central system fitting may be cheaper. For instance, if your house or building already have ducts in place. In such a case it might be wise and cheaper to install the duct system.  Therefore one has to be aware of these facts before making a decision. Further to that, you can choose between inverter or non inverter fitting. Once you have the facts for each type, you have the power to chose.

affordable air conditioner installation cost

affordable air conditioner installation cost

Best of Ventilation Installation Companies for Installation of Wall Split Type Aircon in Johannesburg and Pretoria

We have a team of air conditioner installers in Johannesburg and Pretoria. You can call or book online for services such as fitting and service. We also do repairs. This is often a matter of taking out a part that is not working and fitting in a new one.

Our technicians have been in the industry for many years and you can trust the quality of work we produce

Call us today for home, office or industry cooling unit repairs and fittings. We install back to back wall split units at very low rates.

You can trust our work, rely on our word and we can satisfy your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The best Position to Install Split System?

For bedroom air conditioner installation, aircon experts advice to avoid direct overhead position. Although this may seem to be the best place, you may get frustrated with the results. Particularly when the unit is in the heat mode. Moreover, you may be deprived of comfort with the presence of draught in your face when heating the room, as it will be directed to your face.

Likewise, opposite the bed may also cause discomfort as cold air will blow directly on your face. Therefore, sideways to your bed , either on the side you put your head or on the feet side is a better air conditioner position. Furthermore, those prone to sinuses will also benefit if there is no direct air blowing to the face.

For any other room, central position may be ideal. However, it is better to discuss with air conditioner contractor on this matter, so as to weigh the options well

What is the timeframe for Installing a Split System air conditioner?

Approximately four hours to install a new air conditioner. Times may vary depending on floor level, distance between indoor and outdoor. Additionally, other factors like if there is trunking or whether an old unit needs to be removed first may also come into play

Can I relocate my air conditioner unit during renovations?

An air con technician will discharge the unit before doing the re positioning. Therefore you will also have to pay for regas after re install.

How far can my outdoor unit be from the indoor unit?

Although you can have the outdoor unit up to 15m away from your indoor unit, you may need a pump as well to help with drainage. Anything above 15m may not be ideal for effective cooling.

What does an AC Installaion Kit Come With?

Depending on the brand, some provide Standard kit with the following

Indoor unit

Outdoor unit

Remote control


Copper pipes enough for back to back installation.

Additional items like brackets, cables and copper pipes for long run are usually not supplied.

Brackets are usually not included for Air Conditioner Installation Pretoria and Johannesburg.