Alliance Air Conditioner Installation & Repairs

How Much Does It Cost for an Alliance Aircon Installation?

Alliance Air Conditioner Installation starts from R8800. At Gauteng Aircon, we provide aircon installation for all Alliance models and sizes of Alliance units. We offer the best deals for Alliance air conditioners with installation.

In the end, the cost of installing air con unit will depend on unit size, amount of pipework and to some extent the floor level.

Unit size will affect the price, especially if the unit is 18000btu and above. Like any big aircon unit, a 24000btu Alliance aircon installation will need a dedicated power point. This means additional power cables and electrical work and consequently higher air conditioner fitting price.

On the other end, in terms of distance between indoor unit and outdoor unit, back to back installations are cheapest. A back to back air con install means the distance between indoor and outdoor is less than 3m.

Other factors to consider especially where distance is longer than 3m, is the possibility of a pump. If the outlet level for drainage is higher than the level of indoor unit, a pump is necessary.

Labour may also vary according to the floor level, as working at heights require more labour hours and is generally more difficult. Our air con technicians take from 3 hours to five hours for a full Alliance aircon installation.

Why wait for aircon installation? We offer low Alliance aircon installation price including unit supply. Air conditioner unit fitting and unit repair services as well as maintenance services. Call us or book online for us to inspect and give you a price.

Models and Types For Alliance Air Conditioner Installation

Atlantic Split R410A (Non-Inverter) Alliance Air conditioners

Atlantic split alliance air conditioner

Atlantic split alliance air conditioner

  • Low air con price with installation.
  • Additionally, Alliance split aircons work best for homes as well as offices and business space.
  • Further to that, the gas they use is good for the environment making it a green product.
  • It has five models and size starts from 9000 Btu up to 32 000 Btu
  • Covers areas in the range of 13 square meters to 63 square meters

Atlantic Split R410A (Non-Inverter) Alliance air conditioners

  • Four model sizes available

9000btu Alliance air con – covers small rooms of up to 18 square meters.

12000btu Alliance air con – covers room space of up to 25 square meters.

18000btu Alliance air con – covers room space of up to 36 square meters.

24000btu Alliance air con – covers rooms of up to 50 square meters.

  • Similarly, can work for cooling as well as heating
  • Likewise, covers areas from 12 square meters to 42 square meters

 Casplian inverter Alliance Air conditioner

casplian inverter alliance aircon

casplian inverter alliance aircon

  • Good at energy use therefore cheaper
  • Add to that it is pleasing to the eye with its look
  • Another feature in addition to the ones above is the LED temperature display.
  • Similar to the ones above, works for cooling as well heating use
  • Also, the cover ranges from 13 square meters to 56 square meters


neocool midwall aircon

neocool midwall aircon

Eco-friendly R410A Gas.

Low price and yet high quality aircon.

4 model sizes from 9000 Btu/h to 24 000 Btu/hr.

Can cool and heat extremely well.

Covers room sizes of up to 24 m².

Backed nationwide by Alliance with Branches in all major metropolitan centres.

12 Month Standard Warranty.

Extended Warranty 2 years on all parts and on the compressor.



How Much Does It Cost to Service an Alliance Air Conditioner?

Minor service costs R500 per unit, excluding regas. Other factors affecting price of servicing includes:-

  • level at which unit sits – ground level is cheaper
  • whether or not regas is necessary

We fit and repair various cooling types

Here is a list of some of the types we fit and repair

Split air cooling systems

Central cooling systems

Window cooling systems

Wall mount and ceiling mount systems, such as cassette cooling units

Ducted cooling units

Air Conditioner Installation Alliance Brand


We are A Top Air Conditioner Installation & Repairs Contractor Johannesburg and Pretoria

It is a good thing for you to know that we can fit your Alliance unit as the makers expect. A friendly service can further make the fitting experience a pleasure.

So, when you book us for work, you can expect nothing but a good time and a complete job. In addition to that, peace of mind as we fit units in such a way that you will have all the benefits that the product maker promises.

What’s more? We have fairly good pricing that we believe you can afford.


Frequently Asked Questions: Alliance Air Conditioner Installation

What is the expected lifespan for Alliance Air Conditioners?

How long do Alliance air conditioners last?

Alliance systems can serve you for up to 15+ years

Similar to other popular brands, lifespan can even go over 15 years if well maintained

Which Gas do Alliance AC Units Use?

R410A gas, an environmentally friendly gas.

What is The Warranty on Alliance AC Units?

Warranty on ALLIANCE AIR Air-Conditioner is 2 Years Indoor units and 5 Years Outdoor unit.

The units should get regular service as shown on warranty card guidelines