LG Air Conditioner Installation

10 Year Warranty on LG Inverter Outdoors!!!

LG Air Conditioner Installation and repairs. Super long 10 year warranty on LG air conditioners!!

Smart solutions – control on your smart devices via the LG ThinQ

Super strong aircons

Comfort and low noise level

Fast cooling & heating

Low power consumption

Our cooling system installers are available to repair and install many brands and models of cooling including LG systems. We work on all sizes as well.

Which clients do we serve?

We work on home cooling systems, business cooling systems and industry systems.

Fitting LG cooling systems for home

Air con fitting for best cooling experience at home. We have well trained technicians with experience in many types of cooling and heating systems.

The best home environment is one with clean air that is not moist. The LG air cons, like other cooling units will give you the perfect environment. The home units work just like any air conditioner, by heat and moisture transfer. We do proper fitting for mid wall units, ceiling mount and under ceiling unit. You will have no problems when it comes to the right amount of gas in your cooling system. The LG makers are sure that their units will give you the maximum benefit. Likewise, our fitting will give you just that!

Fitting LG air conditioners for the office

Employees require a proper environment to help them focus on their tasks. LG has many models to choose from for office use. Moreover, the design of their units give out a good appeal to your office overall look. This is in addition to easy-to-use temperature controls. The controls offer options such as smart controls and Wifi.

Options to choose from includes ceiling units, mid wall, free standing, hide away and a many other models.

There are other cooling solutions best for areas such as server rooms and other spaces where equipment needs cooling. Further, we also fit in units ideal for large floors, such as shops with a lot of open spaces and warehouses.

LG Air Conditioner Installation

12000 Btu LG Inverter Air Conditioner R410a

How Much to Install LG Air conditioner : Installation of Wall Split Type Aircon

Prices vary by air con size, position and whether back to back is possible or not. The labour cost is a minimum of R1300.

The more common types of cooling systems we deal with

Split cooling system

Central cooling system

Ceiling cooling systems

Under ceiling cooling systems

When it comes to energy use, you can select between inverter and non inverter units. Inverter cooling systems are good at using energy. An LG inverter system will similarly save energy, so that the monthly electricity cost is lower. These units however, cost more when you look at the price of the unit itself. Likewise, the parts also cost more than those for non inverter. In general, however, users should not expect to repair their units often, especially if service is done.

The non inverter unit is still a good option due to the low cost of buying and repairs.

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LG Smart Inverter

Check the below list for LG smart inverter benefits.

Easy to install and to clean.

Inverter Compressor save up to 70% energy and cools faster, even on heat mode it is also faster.

Makes less noise and is expected to last longer.

Comes with a 10-year warranty.

Has special controls to make is possible to choose the energy levels to meet the needs at specific times.

Auto clean function to help remove moisture and prevent bacteria growth. Therefore you get healthier and cleaner air.

Frequently Asked Questions: LG Air Conditioner Installation

What is the expected lifespan for LG Air Conditioners?

Makers suggest 10 to 15 years, this is also generally expected of air cons normally. It is vital to maintain and service air conditioners to enjoy top results and long life. Neglect can result in low than expected lifespan.

How Does LG Inverter air con Save Electricity?

An LG inverter unit energy saves power by making corrections to the motor speed as the demand changes. Therefore, the unit will not always run at 100% motor speed, allowing for saving. The convectional way in contrast, will run at 100% always, or 0% when not in use.

Furthermore, for non-inverter, one has to turn motor on or off as a way to control heat or cool levels, which also uses more power.

Trivia – What does Fl mean on a LG air conditioner?

The FI error code (sometimes P2 for other models), means the drain pan is full. If the unit is working normally, you do not have to worry about it as it self regulates.