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Air conditioning maintenance and repair services. Gauteng Aircon provides quality and reliable maintenance services for business as well as home cooling units.

Air conditioners, similar to any cooling system, need service at least once a year. If you service your unit well, you will avoid the cost of repairs. Repairs usually cost more as you have to buy parts and pay for labour as well. Unit faults that affect the compressor are more costly. Most of the times, it will be better to purchase a new unit than replace a unit compressor. It is therefore clearly important to service your units and pick any problems early before they can cause damage to parts

Moreover, as a consumer you would want your unit to work at its best all the times. If your cooling unit has dust blockages, it will not work to its full strength. Likewise, a unit that is running low on gas will not work to its full ability. Servicing of units will mean that the technician will add refrigerant to the full amount.


Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repairs

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Common Problems That Air Conditioning Refrigeration Companies Solve During Maintenance

Here are some of the most common problems that users may face on their cooling units.

Users may hear strange sounds that they could not hear before. Although cooling units make sounds, you should ask for assistance if you hear a sharp change in the noise. Strange noises could be a sign of the need for service.

Cooling units not able to start at all. You may turn on your unit only to see that it is not running.

Similarly, you may turn off your unit and see that it is actually not turning off.

Your cooling system may lose its power to cool the room as it used to do.

Further, you may find out that your unit is blowing hot air.

Additionally, a leak of refrigerant may be visible

The are many other common problems that can affect your unit. Servicing your unit is not a costly exercise, call us to find out how we can do it for you at a rate you can afford



How Much Does it Cost to Maintain & Service a Split Air Conditioner? Schedule a technician for maintenance.

You can book us online or by phone call, SMS or WhatsApp message. When you book for maintenance, its cheaper for you. Our technicians do a complete job of cleaning, oiling as well as fastening loose parts.

The benefits of servicing your cooling unit includes some of the following:

  • The quality of air is better if you service your unit often, the air is clean and free of dust.
  • looking at your unit in time helps to detect faults early, resulting in lower repair costs
  • The unit will be able to work and convert your energy better if all parts are working well. This means less money on electricity cost.
  • The cooling system will work for a longer span without giving you problems.