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Air conditioning maintenance and repair services. Gauteng Aircon provides quality and reliable maintenance services for commercial as well as domestic air conditioners

Air conditioners, similar to any heating and cooling system, require periodic maintenance of at least once a year. A well serviced air conditioning system saves money in the long run, and performs at optimum capacity. Furthermore, lack of regular service will result in loss of energy efficiency. Generally, the cost of maintaining air conditoners is cheap regardless of the type of aircon system in use.

Apart from servicing, other common repair work may include replacing thermostats, fixing a leak on refrigerant.

Schedule a technician for air conditioning maintenance

You can book us online or by phone call, sms or whatsapp message. When you schedule for maintenance, its cheaper for you. Our technicians will are thorough in cleaning your the essential parts of your unit.

The benefits of servicing your air conditioner includes but not limited to the following:

  • The quality of air is better on a serviced air conditioner, free of dust
  • Assessments help with early detection of faults, resulting in lower repair costs
  • A more energy efficient unit, the air conditioner will always operate at maximum
  • Extended operational life