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Air conditioning repairs in Gauteng, or book for service.

Our full time air conditioning technicians will restore your air conditioning unit to normal operation. We keep the cost of air conditioner servicing at a low. Furthermore, we use genuine parts to fix your air conditioning system.

Adjustment of air conditioning units is needed once in while,  similar to any home or office appliance. Air conditioning servicing saves you the higher cost of repairing air conditioners. In particular, regular servicing will keep your air conditioner compressor in good working order. Any warning signs are dealt with in good time. Therefore the need to fix air conditioning units is lower for organizations and houses with an air conditioner service plan. It is very easy and cheap to mend air conditioners that are serviced now and then. However, with us you do not need to worry about high costs for fixing your air conditioners. This may mean to replace parts of your air cooling units or actually fixing a faulty part. Our services ensure your system improvement and rectification at low costs. This is because our labour costs are low.

Moreover, as a consumer you would want your unit to work at its best all the times. If your cooling unit has dust blockages, it will not work to its full strength. Likewise, a unit that is running low on gas will not work to its full ability. Servicing of units will mean that the technician will add refrigerant to the full amount.


Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repairs

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Warning Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs A Look

Here are some of the most common problems that users may face on their cooling units.

Users may hear strange sounds that they could not hear before. Although cooling units make sounds, you should ask for assistance if you hear a sharp change in the noise. Strange noises could be a sign of the need for air conditioner service.

Cooling units not able to start at all. You may turn on your air con unit only to see that it is not running.

Similarly, you may turn off your unit and see that the air conditioning system is not turning off.

Your cooling system may lose its power to cool the room as it used to do. A simple air conditioner service will rectify and restore the ac unit cooling power.

Further, you may find out that your unit is blowing hot air.

Additionally, a leak of refrigerant may be visible. In this case, to improve your air conditioning unit, a regas is necessary.

The are many other common problems that can affect your unit. Servicing your unit is not a costly exercise, call us to find out how we can do it for you at a rate you can afford



The Cost Of Repairing Air Conditioners

The cost to rectify a faulty air conditioner depends on a few factors

  1. If your air conditioning system is not cooling due to a filter issue or some blockage, the cost is low. Attention to air conditioner filters will improve the air conditioner at once.
  2. Your air conditioner may not function due to a faulty part, now it depends what part it is and the ease of working on that part
  3. Ease of access, this maybe at high altitude or any such place where normal movement may be difficult.
  4. The number of units that need repair, the higher the number the less the unit cost.
  5. Sometimes, it is just a matter of adjusting air conditioner settings or parts, without replacement. This is also cheap to repair.