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Aircon servicing is one of the main packages that we offer at Gauteng Aircon. If you need any air conditioner maintenance or servicing package, call us and we will sort all issues out. Call us now on 0810432004

If you need to ensure high performance of your aircon, make sure you call a qualified contractor at least once every year for regular servicing. A well maintained aircon unit will last long and maintain its design ability throughout. Consequently, regular maintenance will save you money.

At Gauteng Aircon , we offer installation and servicing/repair services of air conditioning systems. Both commercial and residential properties are covered. Apart from maintaining the design functionality and keeping your energy consumption at economic rates, there is also a health benefit. Regular aircon servicing will keep you clear of health risks like sinuses from polluted air. Also, you do not want unexpected major breakdowns, hence the need for regular aircon servicing.

Choose our qualified team for your maintenance!

What makes up aircon servicing

During aircon servicing, we start with thorough cleaning and washing of the filters and outer panels with water.
Then we follow up with another thorough cleaning of the evaporator coil, blower wheel and fan coil. We then proceed to inspect and check the compressor and proper oiling of the fan motors.

We ensure that all dirty coils are removed. This will ensure your air conditioners performance efficiently without any obstruction.  The application of chemicals will follow to clean off bacteria . At Gauteng Aircon we use approved and certified chemicals to kill bacteria and remove dirt.

Aircon maintenance also ensures the drain system functionality including checking hoses, filters, belts and connections

Inspection of the condenser unit

Inspecting the electrical components for wear and tear

Checking the refrigerant system for proper cooling.

Call Gauteng Aircon now for all air conditioner installation and all repair of air conditioners in Gauteng!!

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