12000 Btu Aircon With Installation

Affordable 12000 Btu aircon with installation. Call or fill in contact form to get favourable quotes for 12000btu air conditioners. With Gauteng Aircon, the cost of installing a 12000btu air conditioner is kept at reasonable rates.

Twelve thousand (12,000) BTUs are more common in homes and offices in South Africa as they cover room sizes that are more common in homes. BTU is the term in use to indicate the amount of heat that an air conditioner unit can remove from the air per hour (BTU/hr).

12,000 BTU aircon Power Usage

12000 btu air conditioners use about 900 watts per hour. However, a better efficiency is possible if the air conditioner has a better SEER rating. It is therefore important to use the right aircon size for the right area coverage. Since a higher btu means higher electrical consumption, it is not correct to assume that a higher btu means better output.

One needs to match the btu with the area size being covered for optimum results. Using a unit that is too big for the room size will result in the compressor switching on and off too many times than necessary. The is a clear impact of wear and tear on aircon parts.

A 12000 BTU air conditioner covers between 20sqm to 25sqm.

Popular Brands for Bedroom Aircons

Samsung 12000 Btu air conditioner inverter and standard

Daikin 12000 Btu air conditioner inverter and standard

LG 12000 btu air conditioner inverter

Midea 12000 btu air conditioner

Panasonic 12000 btu air conditioner

Alliance 12000 btu air conditioner

Dunham bush 12000 btu air conditioner

Jet-air 12000 btu air conditioner

Gauteng Is Your Number One Aircon Installer

We have the best deals for 12000 btu supply and install packages.

World class service and extremely low rates

Fast and efficient service

We work on a wide range of brands and models of aircons.

Aircon Servicing In Centurion

Aircon Servicing in Centurion. Call to book for repairs and installation of cooling systems

We are a household name that you can depend on

Our response time is fast, our work pleasing and reliable.

We fit different air conditioner brands and models in and around Centurion.


Aircon Servicing In Highveld Centurion

centurion map

Aircon Servicing In Highveld – Various Systems, Various Brands And Models

We service a wide variety of brands and models of aircon units. If you have any of these brands and even other brand, we can get the job done.

  • LG air conditioners
  • Samsung air conditioners
  • Jet-Air cooling systems
  • Midea air conditioners
  • Panasonic cooling systems
  • Career cooling units
  • Alliance air conditioners
  • All-Air cooling system
  • Dunham Bush cooling units
  • Tempest cooling systems

And many more ….

We are the Best Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Company in Centurion

A team that is full of energy is what you get. High work ethics and an eager workforce who can perform with a smile on the face.

Are you worried about the performance of your cooling system?

Is the air con unit not cooling to your satisfaction? We deal with this problem almost everyday. An air con unit that is either not cooling well or not heating is one of the common issues. If you have this issue and you are reading this article, you problem is almost solved. We will resolve this matter in a very short time. Air conditioner servicing is an activity that we make sure you can afford. We are very thorough at cleaning filters and making sure that even the drain system has no clog. Cleaning filters is the most simple yet the most common need of an aircon unit. Therefore there is no need for us to charge an arm and a leg for it. In addition, we look at many of the parts item by item, checking for proper function

Further, you can not wait while your unit is making funny and unusual noises. Ask for our technician to come through if you hear funny noises. The parts that move need oiling, all other parts should be fitting well and not dangling. No lose parts after we have done the service. Good lubrication likewise for the parts that require it.

No lose wires supplying power. A well working electronic system, with capacitors having been checked. No thermostat out of level. Yes, every component in good working order. Even the circuit breakers should not surprise the consumer. We inspect everything that connects to the unit.



Major Service for Air Conditioning

We are able to service air cons and maintain them at regular intervals for companies at even lower rates.

Two air servicing periods per year can protect your aircon units.

Book us for inspection and quotation.


Dunham Bush Aircon Krugersdorp

Dunham Bush Aircon Krugersdorp,call 0810432004 for repairs and installations. Gauteng Aircon works on various air conditioner brands including Dunham Bush.

We offer supply and install services, repair and maintenance of Dunham Bush aircons among many other air conditioner brand. Making sure that the customer is always happy is our business. We guarantee customer satisfaction

Enjoy clean air, comfortable environment and well regulated temperature anywhere in your room or office space. Get a Dunham Bush air conditioner installation done for your home or office today!

Here is a short list of some Dunham-Bush Air-Conditioners common in South Africa

  • midwall inverter split 410a units
  • bush midwall  split 410a units
  • bush floor & underceiling inverter 410a units
  • standard floor & underceiling standard 410a units
  • cassette inverter 410a unit
  • cassette standard 410a units


Installation, Repairs and maintenance Services – Dunham Bush Aircon Krugersdorp

Installation services of Dunham Bush

We have a supply and install package of which the client does not have to worry about sourcing any accessories and parts. in this package we bring everything relating to the installation of units.

Our installation covers many brands as well such as Jet-Air, Samsung and many others. We install split air conditioners as well as central air systems depending on your preferences and the dynamics of your room size and environment

You can expect us to perform any installation type such as:-

split systems – installations and repairs

central air conditioning systems – installations and repairs

mid wall systems – installations and repairs

ceiling cassette repairs and installations

under ceiling repairs and installations

portable aircons

window air conditioners


Quality Services For All Heating And Cooling Systems In Krugersdorp

We offer quality services for heating and cooling systems in Krugersdorp, and that at an affordable rates. Our business is client satisfaction and we have zero tolerance on diversion to standards. Gauteng Aircon is a name you can trust as far as air conditioning and refrigeration is concerned.

Technicians with qualifications and experience in both maintenance work and installation services.

Book the expert heating and cooling systems contractor in Krugersdorp. Book Gauteng Aircon

We also work on:-

  • heat pumps
  • cold rooms
  • chillers
  • commercial refrigerations

Dunham Bush Aircon Roodepoort

Dunham Bush Aircon Roodepoort, call 0810432004 for repairs and installations. We work on various air conditioner brands including Dunham Bush

At Gauteng Aircon we pride ourselves in good workmanship, providing repair, installation and maintenance services without compromise on quality. We work on various air conditioner brands and models as well, therefore we are not all about Dunham Bush aircons. So consider us for installation and repair work and quotations. Our technicians will visit your site to ensure accurate quotations and appropriate unit size and functionality

Book the heating and cooling contractor you can trust in Roodepoort, book Gauteng Aircon


Maintenance And Repair Services – Dunham Bush Aircon Roodepoort

Your Dunham Bush Air conditioners, similar any other heating and cooling system, require periodic maintenance of at least once a year

Gauteng Aircon is a complete heating and cooling contractor providing quality and reliable maintenance services. Our maintenance services cover commercial as well as domestic air conditioners and other HVAC systems

A good service interval of air conditioners save money in the long run and ensures optimum performance of units.

Generally, the cost of maintaining air conditioners is cheap regardless of the type of aircon system in use.

Servicing also entails replacement of parts where necessary



Building A Good Reputation In Roodepoort

We trust our technical staff in terms of working safely (especially in regards to working at heights which is often necessary), good workmanship and friendliness

There is no compromise in quality of work. We are also always on time and on point with our work

Technical staff that you can rely on. Commitment to client satisfaction and pride in what we do, we do our best to keep clients happy.

We work in Roodepoort and all Gauteng towns and suburbs.

Easy bookings possible on call, WhastApp , email or contact form



Dunham Bush Aircon Randburg

Dunham Bush Aircon Randburg, call 0810432004. Gauteng Aircon is a heating and cooling contractor specializing in installations, repairs and servicing of various brands of air conditioners

Do you need servicing of Dunham Bush air conditioners or installation of such? Or is it an installation or repair of other air conditioner brands? Call us or book online for quotations and any questions regarding brands that we service.

When we install air conditioners, we make sure that the unit is running. This means that electrical connections are included. We typically do the following:-

  • core drilling for cabling
  • electrical connections – the team will have an electrician for such connections
  • working at heights
  • re gas – in situations where an old unit needs re-positioning or re installation
  • servicing




Dunham Bush Aircon Randburg – Common Models

Both standard and inverter type of split air conditioners.

The Dunham-Bush air-cooled split system air conditioner and heat-pumps are designed, matched, manufactured tested and ready for installation


Dunham-Dush (DB) midwall inverter split 410A units

Floor based dunham inverter 410A units

Dunham Bush underceiling inverter 410A units

And Dunham-bush cassette inverter 410A unit


Dunham-bush midwall  split 410A units

Standard dunham-bush floor  units 410A

Standard underceiling 410a units

Cassette units 410A


We Are A Complete Heating And Cooling Contractor

You have come to the right place for heating and cooling repairs and maintenance.  Book HVAC contractors in Randburg and surrounding areas. When you connect with us, you connect with best heating and cooling specialists in Gauteng

We base our quotations on findings from home visits or visits of your business or industrial site. Discussions on options and way of installations are possible on site, and we also offer advice if you are not sure about something. Therefore our written quotations are quite accurate and fair. We will not suggest units which are not suitable for your premise either. Quality installations mean the right unit for the right space and environment

Contact us for any of the following

  • commercial refrigeration
  • chillers
  • air conditioning
  • heat pumps

And many other Heating and Cooling System maintenance needs



Dunham Bush Aircon Sandton

Dunham-Bush-Aircon-Sandton, call 0810432004 for repairs and installations. Gauteng Aircon works on various air conditioner brands including Dunham Bush Air Conditioners

You can call, book online or email for a technician to come for inspections and to get quotations

Our technical staff has experience for installations, repairs and servicing of air conditioners and various heating and cooling systems.

Professional and on time service – we are on time and do a professional job always. Not only do we offer air conditioning services in all Sandton suburbs, but we also cover entire Gauteng and surrounding

Similar to any other installation, Dunham Bush Air Conditioners installers perform one or all of the following as they come with the territory

  • core drilling
  • electrical power points – an electrician forms part of the team
  • working at heights
  • re gas – in situations where an old unit needs re-positioning or re installation
  • servicing

Air Conditioner Models – Dunham Bush Aircon Sandton

Here is a list of some of the more common Dunham Bush Aircon Models


Dunham-Dush (DB) midwall inverter split 410A units

Floor based dunham inverter 410A units

Dunham Bush underceiling inverter 410A units

And Dunham-bush cassette inverter 410A unit

Non inverter

Standard dunham-bush midwall  split 410A units

Non inverter dunham-bush floor  units 410A

Standard underceiling 410a units

Cassette units 410A


Servicing and Maintenance of Heating and Cooling Systems In Sandton

We service and maintain air conditioners for business as well as individuals. Apart from air conditioning services in Sandton, we also service and maintain other HVAC systems such as:-

  • chillers
  • commercial refrigeration
  • industrial cooling systems
  • heat pumps

Call the professional in heating and cooling. Call Gauteng Aircon, for on point installations, maintenance and repair services


Kempton Park Aircon Services

Kempton-Park-aircon-services, affordable heating and cooling solutions for home and businesses in kempton Park. Call us for a quote on 0810432004 or book online

Our services includes to maintain and fit cooling units such as the ones on the list below

  • Refrigeration – we maintain refrigerators for business and industry use as well as cold rooms and other large scale cooling systems
  • Heat Pumps – we install and repair heat pumps for home and business such as for geysers and swimming pools.
  • Chillers – repair and servicing of chillers for business and industry.


Kempton Park Aircon Services

Map of Kempton Park

Cooling Unit Servicing – Kempton Park Aircon Services

A number of options are available to fit a cooling unit for home as well as for business. We make sure that cooling services in Kempton Park can be done at a price one can afford. Further we a fast in our response if you ask for a service. Same day service.

The servicing of cooling systems should be done even if you do not suspect any fault. If you wait for signals, it could be too late. Rather, a regular service will make sure you take note of any potential problem to important parts. Moreover, the cost to replace a part that is damaged is always higher than if the problem could be noted during service.

In order to make sure that your monthly running costs are kept low, you should ask for service regularly. In South Africa, more people are getting air con fitting in their homes than before. Likewise, people in Kempton Park now rely more on air cons especially in summer. Therefore, you do not want to lose the ability of cooling of your unit just because you neglect taking care of it.

Similar to your car, a service that is done in good time saves you money. Another benefit to hire a professional for air con service is the use of a chemical wash. This in an additional benefit, even to sanitize the air conditioner.

Split Aircon Services Sandton

Split Aircon Services Sandton, quality air conditioner installations and repairs done at affordable rates in and around Sandton call 0810432004

Our air conditioner installers in Sandton have got the know how and experience to install, service and repair air conditioners for home and commercial use. We work a variety  of aircon brands apart from Alliance air conditioners.

Installation of Air Conditioners in Sandton- We supply and Install Alliance air conditioners at very competitive rates

Repairs and Servicing in Sandton – we service and repair various air conditioning systems, brands and models

Brands, Models and Types - Split Aircon Services Sandton

The wide range of split air conditioning models ensure diversity in use. These air conditioners can be used for commercial as well as residential purposes. Air conditioning in Sandton has never been easier and cheaper with our aircon service packages.

For residential air conditioning, common models are the Alliance Midwall R410 air conditioners. Inverter and non inverter models are available.

  • Increased effeciancy in energy use especially inverter model
  • high aesthetic appeal, the models have a classy look
  • LED temperature display
  • They work for both heating and cooling
  • Use of eco-friendly R410 gas

A wide range of models are available for commercial air conditioning applications, such as :-

Alliance window air conditioners

Rooftop range for Alliance aircons

Ducted air conditioners for both inverter and non inverter models

Cassette inverter and non inverter air conditioner units

Floor standing aircons and

Alliance air curtains, widely used in retail outlets 

Wide coverage, wide service

If you are looking for a broad and wide air conditioning service in Sandton, then you are at the right place. We work on a variety of brands and air conditioning types

Split air conditioning

Central air conditioning units

Cassette aircons

Window air conditioners

Rooftop air conditioners and many other types of air conditioning systems

We also install and service heat pumps for swimming pools and geysers

Randburg aircon service

Randburg aircon service supplied by Gauteng Aircon, leading contractor in aircon installation and repairs of air conditioners in Gauteng. We are available 7 days a week, call or WhatsApp on 081 043 2004. You can email or fill in the contact form here for any requests.

We perform air conditioner repairs and maintenance work in Randburg, Gauteng. Let me give you a short and brief explanation of what constitutes an air conditioner repair or maintenance. Our Randburg air conditioning technicians are very thorough in executing their duties. A regular maintenance of air conditioners can not be complete without the inspection and cleaning of filters. This is the first activity we perform for Randburg air conditioning maintenance services. It is of paramount importance for us to ensure that your air conditioner unit is clear of clogging and debris. Therefore, we place value in thoroughly cleaning aircon filters.

Clogging in aircon filters may result in over heating of the blower motors. This will in turn affect the normal functioning of air conditioners and also increase the power consumption. More energy is then needed to push air through the dirt in filters, increasing the electricity bill. Ask for Randburg aircon service contractor to help you with professional maintenance of your air conditioner unit.

The complete maintenance check list for our Randburg aircon service

I have only mentioned and explained a few items for regular checking and maintenance of aircons in Randburg. However, the full check list will include among others, activities such as checking electrical connections.

Leakages of any sort are not welcome in air conditioning units. We inspect and check for leakages of refrigerant pipe connections. Similar to noise, complaints of leakages are common for Randburg air conditioning service.

High pressure and low pressure safety controls must be examined for normal functionality. The proper amounts of sucking and discharge pressures also forms part of maintenance as well.

There is a number of other regular inspections and checks that we perform for your aircon to operate normally with optimum results


Sandton aircon services

Sandton aircon services provided by Gauteng Aircon, your choice of air conditioning repairs and air conditioner installation technicians, call us now on 081 043 2004.

Best seasons to get Sandton Aircon Services

If you are looking for a season that is ideal for cost effective aircon installation in Sandton, here is a tip. The winter period is the best time to get economic aircon services. There is usually a slight deep in demand for Sandton aircon services during winter. Therefore, clients can take advantage of this window as most installation and repair of air conditioner costs are slashed. At Gauteng Aircon, we further reduce our rates, even lower than what most Sandton air conditioning contractors will offer. (Air conditioners also circulate warm air, so they are still very relevant in winter). Generally, our rates for air conditioning in Sandton are low throughout the year.


Benefits of using an air conditioner range from having a rejuvenated and alert mind to creating an environment free from insects. As technology advances, air conditioners continue to improve in terms of environmental and personal health. Aricon units come with safety guidelines that ensures a longevity of air conditioning unit and also personal health for users

Some heat emitting equipment such as computer servers and other indoor electronic gadgets need temperature regulations. Many commercial properties in Sandton need such a service. Call us now on 081 043 2004 for a quote or a service

Sandton air conditioner service coverage

When we speak of Sandton aircon services, we refer to all the suburbs bounded by the suburbs of Bryanston, Lonehill , part of Kyalami Estates, Sandton CBD, Woodmead and Linbro Park. Our aircon technicians are available seven days a week so all you need is to dial 081 043 2004. Inspections, maintenance , repairs and installations all covered. If you need a service plan for multiple aircons, we can give you a very good and solid deal. We can recommend you the ideal air conditioner in Sandton for your specific needs and budget. The air conditioning services we offer includes supply and install services, if you do not need the hassle of looking for aircon units yourself.