Highveld Air Conditioning Services

Highveld Air Conditioning Services. We install, repairs and service home and office units

You can contact us on 0810432004 to ask for our service. We promise affordable and yet professional service.

Gauteng Aircon is a well known heating and cooling contractor in Centurion

There is no air con model or brand that we are not familiar with

We can fit new air conditioners as well as remove and re position existing units. There are no heavy charges even if your unit is not on the ground floor, are rates are still low.

Repairs and Maintenance – we repair any faulty parts where possible. If it is not possible to fix a faulty part, we replace with a new one.

Further to fixing air con units, we also work with heat pumps. That is why we say we are the home of cooling and heating system maintenance in Centurion. Moreover, we cover more than just Centurion. We work in all suburbs of Gauteng

Heat pumps may fail due to a number of causes, including sensors failure or just incorrect positioning. You may find out that your heat pump only heats up a small amount of water, then goes cold,. This could be a sign that it needs service. Do not hesitate to call us for nay heat pump problem, we are available for service.


Highveld Air Conditioning Services

Gauteng Aircon

Installation By System Types – Highveld Air Conditioning Services

Split Air Conditioners – we install, repair and service split air conditioning systems as well as multi split systems

Central Air Conditioning System – we work on this systems that require ducting as a means of moving air around the rooms and house.

Mid wall systems

Ceiling and under ceiling air conditioners – we install and service these nice to see ceiling units as well as under ceiling units.

Window air conditioning


Workmanship At Gauteng Aircon

At Gauteng Aircon, we focus on making our name to be remembered. That is why we do not compromise on our workmanship.

Our air con unit fit procedure does not skip steps. Exactly the way the makers want it. The way they want the unit to work is what we make sure you have. You pay for service, you deserve the best.

Our cooling sysytem installers have a good and sound training. The experience we have is deep.  Experience in fitting home units, office units and experience on working at height. Therefore we cannot fail to satisfy your needs, give us a call and you we see for yourself.

Furthermore, we work on refrigeration units, both for homes and for business. Such refrigeration units like the ones common in super markets and shops.

Gauteng Aircon is a name you can rely on. You can trust that once we are done with you unit, you will not be calling again for the same problem.

Call the gurus, call us today!!