Air Conditioner Repair Service in Pretoria & Johannesburg

Air conditioner repair service in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Call or book online for professional air conditioner service or air conditioner repairs.

Whether you need major aircon service or minor aircon service, we are here for you. At Gauteng aircon, we provide cheaper air conditioning repairs and maintenance services, and we are fast to deliver. Once you notice that the cooling – heating function is no longer effective, it is time to call for air conditioning services.

From air conditioner system adjustments, regular cleaning, to minor and major repairs.

We fix and service wide range of air conditioner brands common in South Africa. Furthermore, we work on the three major types of cooling systems. Therefore, do not hesitate to call for ac unit repairs for mini split systems, central systems as well as packaged units.

What to Keep in Mind for Low Air Conditioner Repair Service Cost

When it comes to the cost for repairs of air conditioners, regular maintenance is the key to eliminate or lower the need for ac unit repairs. If you are not able to perform minor aircon service by yourself, it is better to call us. Especially given that the cost for air conditioner service is extremely low.

Once a year is an ideal interval for servicing air conditioners. However, if the aircon usage is high, you may need to service aircons twice a year. A common adopted way of doing it is one major service per year and one minor service per year. This is particularly useful for corporate ac unit maintenance service since the units work longer hours than home units.

Regular Airon Service Tasks

Here is what our aircon service technicians will do for you on service.

Clean out all debris close to the unit.

Clear dust from aircon condenser coils.

Replace air filters.

Inspect aircon contacts for tightness and examine electric links.

Lubricate motors and bearings.

Re-gas aircons if the gas is running low.

Clear the drains to avoid clogged drainpipes.

AC Unit Repairs

Air conditioner repairs often involve replacement of parts or repairing broken and malfunctioning parts. Air conditioner parts such as contactors, thermostats and compressors may need repair or replacement.

Another common ac repair service task is when there is a gas leak, and the pipes needs repair.

Repairs are more costly than servicing, therefore a wise homeowner will ensure regular ac service. Most of the time, repairs can be eliminated by constant servicing at the interval mentioned earlier.

At Gauteng Aircon, we provide aircon repair and servicing for domestic and commercial use. We have well trained and experienced technicians in ac maintenance and repairs. Call us today for quality service!