Randburg Air Conditioning Services

Randburg air conditioning services, call 0810432004 for quality service that you can afford. You can afford our new fit in costs and our repair and service costs. Find out how by calling.

Some air conditioning info

Cooling systems have had to improve over time. Air con units, similar to any home or office machine, had to improve in terms of energy use and function. Additional to better temperature controls, you can add on the fact the the air quality is even better. Aircons get more popular every, although there were many questions about the climate. First, they were questions about health, then the climate. All these have however seen better results over the years. Units are now very safe in contrast to what the fears earlier.

Furthermore, you can now afford to use a smart phone to control cooling units. What more, even portable units are now on sale. Moreover, the cost to fit in new units gets low with time.

Consider our company for any of the following:-

  • To fit in new units for new building projects, we have attractive discounts for a big volume of unit fit.
  • Fit in new air con units for business.
  • Trust us to replace old units with new ones at good rates
  • Home cooling systems
  • Service of refrigerators


Randburg Air Conditioning Services

aircon services

Our Randburg air conditioning services cover all types of aircons

We work on many system types, when you look at function and location

Wall mount cooling unit services in Randburg

If you want to replace an old wall mount aircon, or a new wall mount air con fit, you are at the right place. We install wall mount air con units, all sizes and brands.

Furthermore, if you name the system, we can fit it for you.

Split cooling units

Mini split or multi split units of any size and brand. We have technicians with the know how and experience to fit in split units, repair and service them at low prices

Central units in Randburg

For installation and maintenance service of the most effective cooling systmes, call us any day of the week and we will be of assistance. let us help you with servicing this proven system in terms of effectiveness in cooling. You will certainly need this one for commercial and large rooms.

Casstte air conditioners – for ceiling mounting, call the experts in cassette air conditioning services in Randburg. We work on many ceiling mounted brands of aircons

Window cooling units  Рfor cooling smaller rooms at affordable prices.

In addition to air con units, we work on heat pumps as well. Likewise we fit in new units and service them.