Ceiling Air Conditioning Sandton

Ceiling Air Conditioning Sandton services for air con installs and repair of various cooling systems. Call the experts on 0810432004, to get a local air conditioner installer.

Cassette cooling systems.

We install new air con units according to the space and choice of brand. If you need to remove an air con, we can also remove it even if you want it on a separate building.

Air conditioner service and repairs in Sandton 

From simple once off servicing of air con units to contract arrangements, we do it all.

Every person, institution or business in Sandton with a need for cooling system install is a potential client for us. We attend individuals as well as business. Therefore, as long as you have a need, we are the contractor of choice. Good rates, professional service and warm and friendly technicians


Installation by System Types: Ceiling Air Conditioning Sandton

Apart from ceiling and under ceiling units, we further provide other cooling solutions such as the following:-

Window cooling systems

Ideal for smaller rooms on a window position, they work by means of blowing hot air out through the window. The units, ideally in a window sill slot, emit heat out of the room. These units are therefore ideal for single rooms only.

Split cooling

The units have an indoor unit and outdoor unit. These units are very common in South Africa. Aircon installers will choose the right location and size for your unit, to make sure you get the best results. Spilt unit are very good in cooling and have a cheaper fit in cost than central units. Furthermore, there exist a chance to use multi split system, whereby one outdoor unit can support five or more indoor units. It is easy to see that a split air conditioner works well for multiple rooms

Central cooling system

Ideal for large rooms, this system makes use of supply and return ducts. They are very good with a high cooling ability, although a higher fit in cost. In fact,this is the most effective.  However, the long term savings in running costs can makes it a noble and wise choice. Especially for large areas and spaces, this is an ideal solution.