Samsung Air Conditioning

Samsung air Conditioning services – Installation and repairs in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

We install and repair various models of Samsung airconditioners.

A Samsung air conditioning installation means top level cooling.  Therefore, you can rely on a Samsung air con to save you money during use.

If you need a Samsung air conditioner installation for your home, office or business space we can do it for you.

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Air Conditioner Installation Samsung

Samsung wall mount air conditioner

Samsung Air Conditioning Split Unit Installation Cost

Samsung air conditioner price with installation depends on air con type, such as mid wall fitting or ceiling mount and other facts. A mid wall air con fitting which permits back to back installation is cheaper. Other facts to look at are the chosen model, inverters are slightly cheaper than their fixed counter parts.

Price of airconditioning installation may also vary depending on whether it is a remove and re install job

We help with air con re-installations. Our service is an all round aircon installer service.

Do you want to fit in a new air conditioner?

Once you have chosen your model, we can fit in a new aircon at low prices and in half a day.



Samsung Aircon lifespan

What is the expected lifespan for Samsung Air Conditioners?

In general, air conditioners can last from 10 to 15 years. It is vital to maintain and service air conditioners to enjoy top results and long life. Neglect can result in lower lifespan. Air conditioners are known to last even longer as long as one is replacing worn out parts in time. Furthermore, the frequency of use also varies from room to room, which may affect the interval for service.

We offer Samsung air conditioning repairs and maintenance service in Gauteng.