12000 Btu Aircon With Installation

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Twelve thousand (12,000) BTUs are more common in homes and offices in South Africa as they cover room sizes that are more common in homes. BTU is the term in use to indicate the amount of heat that an air conditioner unit can remove from the air per hour (BTU/hr).

12,000 BTU aircon Power Usage

12000 btu air conditioners use about 900 watts per hour. However, a better efficiency is possible if the air conditioner has a better SEER rating. It is therefore important to use the right aircon size for the right area coverage. Since a higher btu means higher electrical consumption, it is not correct to assume that a higher btu means better output.

One needs to match the btu with the area size being covered for optimum results. Using a unit that is too big for the room size will result in the compressor switching on and off too many times than necessary. The is a clear impact of wear and tear on aircon parts.

A 12000 BTU air conditioner covers between 20sqm to 25sqm.

Popular Brands for Bedroom Aircons

Samsung 12000 Btu air conditioner inverter and standard

Daikin 12000 Btu air conditioner inverter and standard

LG 12000 btu air conditioner inverter

Midea 12000 btu air conditioner

Panasonic 12000 btu air conditioner

Alliance 12000 btu air conditioner

Dunham bush 12000 btu air conditioner

Jet-air 12000 btu air conditioner

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