Air Conditioning Services in Pretoria

Gauteng Aircon offers the best air conditioning services in Pretoria, fair prices, fast and efficient, well-trained technicians. Client can benefit from world class air conditioner services at low rates!

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Therefore, wherever you are in Pretoria, we can offer you reliable air conditioning service to support your home and commercial air conditioners. In addition, we also repair, maintain, and service fridges, chillers, and freezers.

Air Conditioning Services in Pretoria

Gauteng Aircon

Air Conditioning Installation Services in Pretoria

We believe that we rank high on the list of air conditioning companies in Pretoria, for the installation of various ac brands and models. Our service supports any aircon installation situation. Say, for instance, you need to renovate portion of your building, and you would like safe removal of your ac. You can rely on our aircon installers to remove and re install your aircon with no hassle.

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Air Con Installation

Our prices for air conditioner installation in Pretoria depend on ac brand and model, back-to-back install or not, and type of ac system. Mid-wall aircon fitting is cheaper and the most popular ac installation in Pretoria.

However, where a back-to-back install is not possible, there is additional length of copper needed. The extra material cost needs will be added to the normal back-to-back rate. Depending on the situation, labour rates for installing an aircon in Pretoria starts from R1700 upwards. Re-installations have an extra need to vacuum and re-gas. In addition, ceiling cassette air conditioner fitting rates are a bit higher than mid-walls. Regardless, Gauteng Aircon gives you the best air con installation rates in Pretoria, to meet your situation and budget!

Pretoria’s Best Air Conditioner Repair Service

Air conditioner service and repairs in Pretoria is cheaper with Gauteng Aircon. Our technicians have high quality and many years of experience in assessing ac units. We promise thorough aircon diagnosis and long-term solutions.

Contact your number one hvac contractor in Pretoria for repair and service of all brands of aircons.

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Air conditioner repairs

Air Conditioner Maintenance Service in Pretoria

We offer cheap ac service and maintenance in Pretoria. Our maintenance services include, but not limited to: –

Air con maintenance service contracts – an opportunity to cut ac maintenance costs even lower by engaging us on a contract. In addition, this ensures optimum aircon performance and longevity, as service is done regularly.

Air conditioner service and re-gas as and when you need it.

A list of the usual tasks we do during aircon servicing: –

  • First, Inspect air handler filters and remove dust particles and debris.
  • Second, Assess if the gas is sufficient for top results
  • Inspect condenser and remove any dust if present
  • Oil the condenser fan motor.
  • Assess condenser fan blades and confirm that they are tight enough
  • Inspect voltage at unit under load.
  • Remove any items found along the condensate drainpipe.
  • Check blower belt for condition, tension, and alignment.
  • Oiling all bearings if needed.
  • Check blower for cleanliness.
  • Inspect and ensure all safety controls are in 100% working order.
  • Assess contactor points.
  • Last but not least, to inspect overall function of all parts and make recommendations if needed.