Kempton Park Aircon Services

Kempton-Park-aircon-services, affordable heating and cooling solutions for home and businesses in kempton Park. Call us for a quote on 0810432004 or book online

Our services includes to maintain and fit cooling units such as the ones on the list below

  • Refrigeration – we maintain refrigerators for business and industry use as well as cold rooms and other large scale cooling systems
  • Heat Pumps – we install and repair heat pumps for home and business such as for geysers and swimming pools.
  • Chillers – repair and servicing of chillers for business and industry.


Kempton Park Aircon Services

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Cooling Unit Servicing – Kempton Park Aircon Services

A number of options are available to fit a cooling unit for home as well as for business. We make sure that cooling services in Kempton Park can be done at a price one can afford. Further we a fast in our response if you ask for a service. Same day service.

The servicing of cooling systems should be done even if you do not suspect any fault. If you wait for signals, it could be too late. Rather, a regular service will make sure you take note of any potential problem to important parts. Moreover, the cost to replace a part that is damaged is always higher than if the problem could be noted during service.

In order to make sure that your monthly running costs are kept low, you should ask for service regularly. In South Africa, more people are getting air con fitting in their homes than before. Likewise, people in Kempton Park now rely more on air cons especially in summer. Therefore, you do not want to lose the ability of cooling of your unit just because you neglect taking care of it.

Similar to your car, a service that is done in good time saves you money. Another benefit to hire a professional for air con service is the use of a chemical wash. This in an additional benefit, even to sanitize the air conditioner.