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We fit different air conditioner brands and models in and around Centurion.


Aircon Servicing In Highveld Centurion

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Aircon Servicing In Highveld – Various Systems, Various Brands And Models

We service a wide variety of brands and models of aircon units. If you have any of these brands and even other brand, we can get the job done.

  • LG air conditioners
  • Samsung air conditioners
  • Jet-Air cooling systems
  • Midea air conditioners
  • Panasonic cooling systems
  • Career cooling units
  • Alliance air conditioners
  • All-Air cooling system
  • Dunham Bush cooling units
  • Tempest cooling systems

And many more ….

We are the Best Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Company in Centurion

A team that is full of energy is what you get. High work ethics and an eager workforce who can perform with a smile on the face.

Are you worried about the performance of your cooling system?

Is the air con unit not cooling to your satisfaction? We deal with this problem almost everyday. An air con unit that is either not cooling well or not heating is one of the common issues. If you have this issue and you are reading this article, you problem is almost solved. We will resolve this matter in a very short time. Air conditioner servicing is an activity that we make sure you can afford. We are very thorough at cleaning filters and making sure that even the drain system has no clog. Cleaning filters is the most simple yet the most common need of an aircon unit. Therefore there is no need for us to charge an arm and a leg for it. In addition, we look at many of the parts item by item, checking for proper function

Further, you can not wait while your unit is making funny and unusual noises. Ask for our technician to come through if you hear funny noises. The parts that move need oiling, all other parts should be fitting well and not dangling. No lose parts after we have done the service. Good lubrication likewise for the parts that require it.

No lose wires supplying power. A well working electronic system, with capacitors having been checked. No thermostat out of level. Yes, every component in good working order. Even the circuit breakers should not surprise the consumer. We inspect everything that connects to the unit.



Major Service for Air Conditioning

We are able to service air cons and maintain them at regular intervals for companies at even lower rates.

Two air servicing periods per year can protect your aircon units.

Book us for inspection and quotation.