Cassette Aircons Kempton Park

Cassette Aircons Kempton Park, call 0810432004 for professional air conditioner services. At Gauteng Aircon, we service and install air conditioners of various types. Our air conditioner installers have the experience and expertise to bring the best results for your air conditioning needs

Domestic air conditioning services  Рair conditioner technicians in Kempton Park available for domestic air conditioning services. There is no job too small or too big. We are available to repair air conditioners, install and maintain aircons in Kempton Park.

Commercial air conditioning services – we provide services for commercial purposes. large refrigerators, cold rooms and other industrial heating and cooling needs

Heat Pump maintenance services Kempton Park – heat pump servicing for commercial and residential purposes. We fix heat pumps such as geyser heat pump and swimming pool heat pumps.


Cassette Aircons Kempton Park – Let Us Help You

Let us assist you with all manner of heating and cooling services. We work on heat pumps, air conditioners, cold rooms and large refrigerators

The various type of air conditioning to expect from our team of air conditioner technicians in Kempton Park :-

  • Split air conditioning¬† – efficient systems in terms of cooling ability, energy usage and also they give an appealing appearance. You can look at savings when the installation is back to back, the system is generally cheaper to install than the central aircons.
  • Central air conditioning¬† – ideal for large rooms, they are cheapest long term solution. Although the initial costs are high, the long term benefit is worth the price.
  • Ducted air conditioning units – they make use of ducts to transfer air in and out of a building
  • Wall mounted air conditioners – we install wall mounted air conditioners
  • Under ceiling air conditioners – our team is experienced in under ceiling air conditioning
  • Cold rooms and large refrigerators – we are a solution to your commercial heating and cooling system
  • Rooftop air conditioner units – let us assist you with your air conditioner service needs