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Aircon Re-gas and Service Sandton

Best deals for Sandton aircon repairs and installations are found at Gauteng Aircon. We are your number 1 aircon repairers all over Sandton. Call now to book for reliable repairs and service of air conditioners

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Aircon Repairs and Re-gas in Sandton

Here are some of the most air conditioner issues that we fix in Sandton

Replacement of faulty CPU

Replacement of faulty CPU

First, we resolve any thermostat errors or issues with power supply that may result in your air conditioner not turning on.

In addition, to repair and fix aircon blower issues that may cause the outdoor unit to freeze.

Fix any contactor issues that affect the performance of your outdoor unit.

Repair any aircon gas leaks.

Replace any faulty aircon parts.

Thermostat sensor re alignment or replacement.

Repair water leaks on the inside and outside units.

Replace damaged aircon compressor.

Furthermore, we resolve any air conditioner capacitor issues.

Additionally, we fix ac fan issues and motor issues.

Call your top air conditioner repairers in Sandton and obtain world class ac service. We strive to maintain high standards within the air conditioning industry.

AC Service in Sandton

Save money and avoid costly aircon repairs by engaging us to service aircons in Sandton. Regular ac service protects your unit from over working due to blocked drains. Therefore, we recommend aircon service at least one time in a year. We help you to keep your unit running at 100% output by doing thorough ac service and at good interval. Moreover, our rates for service are very low, from R550 per unit. In fact, it is even cheaper to service air conditioners on a contract.

100% inspection of all aircon parts to ensure proper working order

Complete aircon cleaning of filters, panels and drain pipes

Additionally, we re-gas aircons with low coolants.

Basically, anything for Sandton aircon repairs and installations, we cover it!

Installation of new air conditioner units in Sandton

We install new air conditioners of various brands and sizes in Sandton, including relocating aircons for renovations and modifications. Check with us for the various options to install aircons in Sandton

Installation of mid wall split aircons

High wall aircon installation

Multi split air conditioner install

Window air conditioner installation

Ceiling cassette and under ceiling aircon installs.

Remove and re install aircon.