Dunham Bush Aircon Sandton

Dunham-Bush-Aircon-Sandton, call 0810432004 for repairs and installations. Gauteng Aircon works on various air conditioner brands including Dunham Bush Air Conditioners

You can call, book online or email for a technician to come for inspections and to get quotations

Our technical staff has experience for installations, repairs and servicing of air conditioners and various heating and cooling systems.

Professional and on time service – we are on time and do a professional job always. Not only do we offer air conditioning services in all Sandton suburbs, but we also cover entire Gauteng and surrounding

Similar to any other installation, Dunham Bush Air Conditioners installers perform one or all of the following as they come with the territory

  • core drilling
  • electrical power points – an electrician forms part of the team
  • working at heights
  • re gas – in situations where an old unit needs re-positioning or re installation
  • servicing

Air Conditioner Models – Dunham Bush Aircon Sandton

Here is a list of some of the more common Dunham Bush Aircon Models


Dunham-Dush (DB) midwall inverter split 410A units

Floor based dunham inverter 410A units

Dunham Bush underceiling inverter 410A units

And Dunham-bush cassette inverter 410A unit

Non inverter

Standard dunham-bush midwall  split 410A units

Non inverter dunham-bush floor  units 410A

Standard underceiling 410a units

Cassette units 410A


Servicing and Maintenance of Heating and Cooling Systems In Sandton

We service and maintain air conditioners for business as well as individuals. Apart from air conditioning services in Sandton, we also service and maintain other HVAC systems such as:-

  • chillers
  • commercial refrigeration
  • industrial cooling systems
  • heat pumps

Call the professional in heating and cooling. Call Gauteng Aircon, for on point installations, maintenance and repair services