Dunham Bush Aircon Erkhurleni

Dunham-Bush Aircon Erkhurleni, call 0810432004 if you need unit repair and to fit in a new unit. We work on a lot of cooling systems including Dunham-Bush

Dunham-Bush is one of the world’s leading companies that supply cooling and heating systems. At Gauteng Aircon, we work on this brand as much as we work on many other brands found in South Africa

Our aircon unit fir makes sure that there are no kick backs. You get enough gas that is shown by Dunham-bush makers. This means you will not call for gas top up after our fit. Our rates are complete, they include electrical connections as well. In addition, we charge after doing a site visit to make sure that there is no error in quote. Therefore there are no hidden costs.

So the price includes these basic parts for a proper fit.

  • support brackets
  • electrical cables
  • bolts
  • insulation
Dunham Bush Aircon Erkhurleni

Dunham-Bush Fravega Split

Our General Installation Types – Dunham Bush Aircon Erkhurleni

Do you want us to fit in any of the systems below?

  • split air conditioning – including multi split cooling units. The unit does not lose energy during heat exchange, as is common in central systems. Therefore you tend to save on electrical costs. Furthermore, it is also ideal for rooms that lack ventilation. The system does not have ducts, which is an additional advantage when it comes to cost. Likewise the cost to fit this system is also low if we compare it to the central systems. Another benefit to add on is the fact that each room can have self serving unit. This means that you control each room unit separate from others. Such a flexible benefit allows you to use only the one that you want for the time. You can switch off one room while you use the ones you actually need for that time.
  • Central air conditioning systems – ideal for large spaces and the most effective cooling system. Makes use of ducting system to move air around. You can therefore expect the cost to fit in the system to be higher. The unit means you get to cool the entire house. The system is hidden from view, and may also be a benefit in terms of running costs.

Experienced Heating And Cooling Contractor In Kempton Park

Book us for your heating and cooling system maintenance, repair or fit in Kempton Park. We are leaders in the heating and cooling business. No bad effect on quality, our aim is to satisfy the client and produce lasting solutions.

Our technicians have the much experience and knowledge to fit and repair your cooling units.

Check with us for any of the following HVAC services

  • heat pump fitting
  • cooling systems repairs and servicing
  • chillers
  • cold rooms
  • refrigeration for home and business