Aircon Services Vanderbijlpark

Aircon Services Vanderbijlpark, for all your heating and cooling needs. Call 0810432004 for a quick and aircon service that you can rely on

We offer quality cooling systems services such as refrigerator repair and air con unit repair, as well as fitting

Heating Systems – we work on heat pumps of various types

Cold rooms, chillers and refrigeration – we are experts in cooling systems of various types


Aircon Services Vanderbijlpark

aircon services provided all vanderbijlpark suburbs

What To Expect From Our Vanderbijlpark Aircon Services

Expect nothing but quality from our aircon installers in Vanderbijlpark. We make sure that we keep high standards and we maintain top quality during unit fitting. The technicians will serve you with a smile and an open ear to your preferences.

Further, our service is on time every time.

Call us for sure and safe results. Gauteng Aircon is a name you can rely on. In addition, we charge our fees to make sure that your pocket can breathe.

So whether you are a home owner or shop owner, we serve all

  • We fit units for homes and individuals
  • Repair air con units and service upon your request
  • Service cooling systems on a contract
  • Serve super markets and other large public areas
  • If you need to remove an air conditioner, we do it

Options Available For Air Conditioning

You can additionally use our team on site to assist you with the right choice for your needs. The technician can assist you in making a decision that best meets your needs. Whether your deciding factor is cost or appearance, even energy usage over time, you will helpful answers.

The inverter is now more popular due to its additional advantage in converting electricity. This is a good option if you look at the running costs. Although an inverter unit will mean that you pay more to fit in it, it has that benefit over time. You also need to be aware that the parts cost more when we compare it with non inverter. That is, if a repair is necessary. However, you can avoid most repairs by doing a regular aircon service.

Non inverter – this is a good option if you look at the initial cost that you have to meet. The non inverter is cheaper to buy and cheaper to fit in. The parts are also cheaper in case of repairs. However, it will not be as efficient in energy use as the inverter.

Split Aircons – most homes and even businesses use the split system. It is much cheaper to install than the central system. It gives you the power to control room by room units.

Central systems – they are often used on large areas as they are good with cooling large areas. They work on the entire building or house. The cost is higher then the split system, as one will need to fit in ducts.

You have option to install a split system on the wall, inside the ceiling or just below the ceiling.