Gree Air Conditioning Services

Gree air conditioning services. Gree Products SA(Pty) Ltd are the ones that distribute Gree air conditioners in South Africa.

The Gree aircon brand has been in the South Africa for years and is an air conditioner brand you can trust. In fact, Forbes rates the Gree Company in the top 385 among a list of 2000 other air conditioning companies.

At Gauteng Aircon, we fit in new Gree air conditioner units. Furthermore, we install Gree air conditioners at low rates. Book or call us for high quality installation and repair of Gree air conditioners.

Consider our air conditioning installers when you look for Gree air conditioning installation services. Our air conditioning company is full time in air conditioner installations, repairs and services of many aircon brands. Threfore, you can rely on us for Gree aircon repair services. Additionally, we also offer the cheapest aircon service rates in town.

Gree air conditioning

Indoor unit for Gree air conditioner

Gree Air Conditioners

Gree air conditioning units are fantastic brands of aircons to have at hone, office, and for commercial use. In fact, there is a wide variety of top of the range Gree air conditioners to select from. Although this Chinese aircon product is not yet familiar in South Africa, Gree air conditioners are sound air conditioner brands to try. Like other air conditioning units, Gree aircons work well if there is proper care and regular maintenance, such that they can last up to 15 years in good work order.

Gauteng Aircon services, repairs and installs Gree aircon models.

Gree ceiling air conditioner

Gree cassette air conditioner

Gree Lomo Air Conditioners

gree lomo air conditioner

gree lomo aircon









Now Gree Lomo air conditioning model is good at saving energy while keeping your desired set temperature

Lomo air conditioners come in standard version, better version and vest version.

The Lomo aircon model has a good eye appeal as well as an easy to clean panel.

Bora (Gree) Air Conditioners

gree bora air conditioner model

gree bora aircon

Top features
Intelligent Auto Restart

Comfort sleep mode
LED Display
On/Off timer
Auto Clean

Re-gas, service and repair Gree air conditioners with Gauteng Aircon at low rates.

Gree Window Wall Air Conditioners

The Gree window aircon is a wise economic choice for home and office cooling and heating. Although it is not as quiet as some other brands, it performs perfectly well. Consider this model if you are looking at installing window air conditioning units.

gree window air conditioner

gree window air conditioner


Certification       ENERGY STAR

Special Features               Dehumidifier

Remote control feature

Core Material – Aluminium Alloy

Refrigerant – R-32

Self-Timer Duration         24 Hours

Date First Available         April 30, 2021

Gree Aircon Re-gas, Repairs and Service

In addition to air conditioner fitting, we also service and repair Gree air conditioners.

Let us fix any Gree air conditioner unit problem that you need assistance with.

Our full time air conditioner repairs technicians will mend your air conditioner and restore normal function. Call us for re-gas of Gree units anywhere in Gauteng.

We repair and service Gree air conditioning units.

This includes fixing Gree error codes, thermostat issues, ac not cooling, water leaks and gas leaks.