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Gauteng Aircon is theĀ  cooling contractor that you can rely on. Competitive rates, high quality in doing the work and good workmanship.

Our aircon technicians in Highveld are well able to assist you in regards to all cooling systems. If you need us to repair, service and or fit new units, you are at the right place.


Aircon Repairs – Aircon Installers Highveld

Particular parts of a cooling unit might need replacement. Here are some parts of interest


To repair a compressor is often not possible. Furthermore, the cost to repair a unit compressor is very high. Therefore, one should by all means make sure that the unit has sufficient service. Regular air con service makes it possible to note unit faults before they become a big problem. If a compressor repair on your unit cannot be done, which is often the case, you have to make a choice. Either you have to buy a new compressor, or buy a new air conditioner. The main reason for that is a new compressor is costly and one may choose a new unit altogether.

Condenser Coil and Evaporator Coil

The condenser coil is at the outdoor unit of your cooling unit. It gets refrigerant from the compressor and makes heat transfer possible. This happens when heat from the refrigerant is taken up by air around the evaporator coil, and blown out. This leaves the refrigerant cooler, which then enables cool air to circulate in the house.

Evaporator Coil can be found at the handler or at the furnace. It works to absorb heat from the air in the house.

Expansion Valve

The work of an expansion valve is to remove pressure from the refrigerant. Consequently, this action makes the refrigerant cooler and the result is that the liquid turns into gas.



Air Conditioner Installation

Our cooling unit installers are qualified and able to fit in units according to the design steps. We offer advice and respond to questions from clients that need assistance

Our packages include a complete supply and install service.In addition, we also fit in units if you already bought one or you have a used one.

We fit in different types of systems such as:-

Split air conditioning

Central air conditioner installations

Mid wall systems

Ceiling cassette and under ceiling cassette fitting