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Jet-Air Air Conditioning Roodepoort: Domestic and Industrial Service

We offer our services to home and business clients. Our services include maintenance and repair services as well as installation services. We work on a wide range of brands found in South Africa

Call us any day of the week and we will help you. We have a team full of energy, skill and knowledge for the job. The skill comes from working on a lot of heating and cooling equipment over many years.

Technicians with very good training who are able to do the job in good time.  Therefore you can trust us for good results as we promise.

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Regular Air Conditioner Service of Jet-air Air Conditioning Units

As a buyer, you deserve the best air conditioning system that your money can buy. We make sure our installation will keep the warranty and guarantee. Your air conditioner should last the lifespan shown by its manufacturers. Choosing the correct aircon size as well as following proper installation steps will help achieve this. In addition to that, you also get the best cooling and heating results with less energy use.

However, following air conditioner installation steps alone is not enough. Regular air conditioner maintenance is also as important. Therefore, air conditioning units that get  service more often last longer. Why is this so? Air conditioner units collect dust and dirt during operation. This dust may block filters and systems that drain water. When this happens, air flow is limited, resulting in poor cooling ability. Likewise, other parts such as the thermostat may get out of level in one way or another. A thermostat that has faults may result in the unit not even turning on. Although this is a simple error to correct, it may affect your day if you do not know how to fix it. Electrical components also need a check for loose wires. Once seen, loose wires should get some tightening, similar to any other loose part in the system.  Capacitors on the other hand, should also go through an inspection to check that they are working well.





The least number of times to service an air conditioner is one time a year. Sometimes it can be more depending on how busy the unit is. It is common for air conditioning systems to work all day for offices and business space. These will need service more times in a year.

Oiling of moving parts need to be done for them to work as they should. The cleaning and checking of electric parts as well as mechanical parts help in preventing costly repairs. Any block of drains or loose any loose parts are seen and corrected before they cause harm.

A good air conditioning contractor will make sure the design steps are followed. Proper levels of refrigerant and proper steps in installation.

Call the trusted name in air conditioning installation and repairs services.