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Sandton air conditioner service that you can afford to maintain your unit, repair aircons and fit in new ones. Call or fill in online request form.

Our services cater for business and home units well as industrial use. Speaking of cooling systems services in Sandton, we are a leader in in this regard. Moreover, we work on a diversity of brands, models and system types.

You can get help for a number of heating and cooling systems, which include heat pump services among others.

Additionally, you can get help on cold rooms issues as well as large cold storage machines.


Sandton aircon services

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Installations – Sandton air conditioner service

There are a number of options available for you to fit in a home unit or a business unit. That depends on your space and on your money allocation.

We are able to supply and fit in these and other cooling units

The various types includes:-

Central air cooling systems 

The most effective cooling system. Although the cost to fit is high, the long term benefits far outweighs the fit in costs. Ideal for large rooms

Split air cooling systems 

Effective cooling and relatively cheaper to fit in if you compare it with the central air systems. There is an additional benefit of possibility of using one outdoor system to support multiple indoor units. Therefore, ideal for multiple room as well as single room use.

Window air conditioning systems

Ideal for smaller rooms, cheap fit in costs but is limited to window area only. The design of the unit is such that hot air is blown out through the window, therefore it can not support any other location to fit in.

These units are also cheap and easy to maintain

Cassette air conditioner units – we can install and repair ceiling mounted units

Let us assist you with your new unit fitting. Be it inverter or non inverter, we do it all.

Why air conditioning

Air con gives you the power to control and maintain your room temperature. Furthermore, you get clean air circulation within a room. This is especially true if you make sure that the unit has service for the number of times that the maker indicates.

A new air con fit in will go a long way in making your summer experience a great one. Even in winter, your air conditioner will warm the room and give you comfort. Your house is a good home with cooling and heating systems in place.