Affordable Fridge Repairs Gauteng

Fridge repairs in Gauteng at low rates. We repair home refrigerators and commercial refrigerators in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Call or book online for an appliance repair technician to fix your freezers at home or on site.

We are a top air conditioning and refrigeration company in Gauteng, with teams in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Moreover, our labour rates are low.

Our refrigeration repair teams work on many types of fridges, freezers and chillers. This includes two door repairing, single door fridges fixing, mending double door fridges up to four door fridges. Similarly, we work on upright fridges as well as chest fridges.

Therefore size is not a matter, small or large – from non-dispenser fridges to dispenser fridges, we repair them all.

Additionally, we also work on chest freezers, free standing fridges and wall freezers.

Due to the price of fridges on the high end, a proper maintenance is needed to obtain top results without spending much. That’s where we come in.

one door fridge repairs

samsung one door fridge

Hisence fridge service

Hisense 2 door fridge

AEG fridge maintenance

AEG 3 door fridge

Sansui Fridge fixing

Sansui 500 liter 4 door fridge

Fridge Repairs for All Makes and Models. Restore Your Appliance Fast & Easy

The best appliance technicians that can re condition any brand of fridge at the same time maintaining top results. If your home or industrial fridge is not in good working order, let us restore it to its original state. Further, we leave your fridge working as good as new.

Let us sort out the issue and improve the performance at low price. Genuine parts, proven methods and yet we keep the cost of fridge repairs at a minimum.

Fridge Repairs and Service of Sansui Brand

To fix and restore normal function on this make of fridges. All sizes, from home use to industry use. From small adjustments to major freezer services.

Popular models of this brand:

First: Sansui 500 liter 4 door fridge

Second: Sansui 330 liter bottom freezer

Third: Sansui 225 fridge freezer

Fourth: Sansui 500 liter side by side

Fifth: Sansui 370 liter 3 door

Sansui 600 liter side by side

Obtain an estimate for Sansui fridge repairs here or call for service

Repair and service of Bosch fridges

Call us to maintain and fix faulty Bosch fridges. We improve performance on old Bosh refrigerators as well as make adjust for top results.

Popular models of this brand:

Bosch series 4 single door

And, BOSCH Freestanding Fridge-Freezer

Bosch Serie 2 Freestanding Fridge

Also, Bosch KGN46XL30Z Combi Fridge Freezer

Bosch Freestanding side by side Fridge-freezer

And, Bosch 324L Combi Fridge

Bosch InoxSeries 4 Freestanding Fridge-Freezer

Also, Bosch Kgn36nwec No Frost One Size

Obtain an estimate for Bosch fridge repairs here or call for service

Repair of Hisense fridges and freezers

Our appliance technicians are on call for Hisence refrigerator repairs and maintenance work. We fix and rectify faulty Hisense freezers.

Top brands of this models:

First, Hisense 516 l Frost Free Side-by-Side Fridge

Then, Hisense 535L Inox Side by Side Fridge

And, Hisense – 670L Side By Fridge

Also, Hisense 562 l Side-by-Side Fridge

Hisense 516L Side by Side Fridge

Obtain an estimate for Hisence fridge repairs here or call for service

Repair of Samsung Fridges and Freezers

We fix Samsung fridges and improve performance on old fridges.

First, Samsung 535lt Fridge Freezer

Then, Samsung 520 l Side-by-Side Fridge

Followed by Samsung 540L Side by Side Fridge

Then, Samsung 617L Frost Free Side by Side Fridge

Samsung 488L Silver French Door Fridge

Also, Samsung RT62K7110SL Combi Fridge Freezer


And, Samsung 501lt Side By Side Fridge

Obtain an estimate for Samsung fridge repairs here or call for service

Other brands we repair:

Hirsch fridges

KEC fridges

LG fridges

Russell Hobbs fridges

AEG fridges

Siemens fridges