Samsung Aircon Error Codes, Remote Control Settings & AC Spares

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Samsung aircon error codes inform and warns users of early faults on ac unit parts. As strong and efficient as Samsung ac units are, they are prone to wear and tear over time. Users should note however, that error codes do not necessarily mean parts replacement. In fact, fault codes help to prevent total parts failure in most of the times.

For this reason, users should not ignore aircon error messages and should seek resolve immediately. In some cases, solutions are easy to implement and in other cases, an aircon service provider should be called in for assistance.

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List of Samsung Aircon Error Codes and Their References

First, the E 1 or 21 error message.

The error informs users of a faulty temperature sensor.

E 1 or 22

This fault code refers to a faulty heat exchanger temperature sensor

E1 or 54

Error message E1 or 54 refers to a fan motor or capacitor issue.

E1 or 63

Error code represents issues with the EEPROM


This fault error is an indicator for short of indoor heat exchanger sensor

It could mean the indoor heat exchanger sensor is open or call for sensor replacement.


This fault code is for short of the outdoor heat exchanger sensor

Likewise, it might refer to an open outdoor heat exchanger sensor or the need to call for sensor replacement.


Like E5 and E6, this error message for Samsung aircons indicates short of the heater temperature sensor, heater temperature sensor open, or the need to replace temperature sensor.

Samsung Aircon Remote Control, AC Service and Spares

Note, if your Samsung remote control is faulty, broken or not working for any other reason, you can request a new remote control here

Settings for temperature control

First, users can press the (+/-) button to lower or increase the temperature, regardless of which mode one is working on. There are 4 modes available for users to

Auto, Cool, Heat, Dry, and Fan.

Auto Mode

Once temperature reaches the desired set value, this mode keeps and maintains that value. It counters any small variation of room temperature from the set value to make sure it stays at that value.

Cool Mode

Low temperature settings and faster fan speed makes the room cool much faster. However, the energy needs for that is higher than if you select a higher temperature and slow fan speed.

Dry Mode

In rainy times and in humid conditions, it acts as a dehumidifier by eliminating moisture.

Fan Mode

For low energy consumption, the fan mode lets you run your Samsung aircon like a normal floor fan.