List of Air Conditioner Brands in South Africa

List of air conditioner brands in South Africa in no specific order.

Depending on your preference and budget, you can find an ideal unit for your situation from the of air con brands in South Africa.

For instance, if you are looking at longest warranty term or duration, there are specific units for that.

Alternatively, you can also find cheap air conditioner brands that also deliver on the south Africa market today by browsing the list.

Jet air aircons

Samsung aircon

Alliance aircons

LG aircons

York aircons

Gree aircons

Dunham Bush aircons

Daikin aircons

Midea aircons

Infinity aircons

Aux aircons

TCL aircons

Daytek aircons

Gold Air aircons

Hisence aircons






Panasonic aircons


What are the Most Popular Units from The List of Air Conditioner Brands in South Africa?

In terms of popularity, Samsung aircons, LG aircons, Alliance and Daikin aircons are among popular aircon brands in South Africa. Most common considerations for buying AC unit include price of ac install and cost of maintenance.

Samsung Air Conditioners

Models: Samsung aircons come in many models, and the more recent one is the wind free air conditioner. The wind free technology is the latest and best system for air conditioner energy usage as well as being more friendly to the earth.

Common models of Samsung air conditioners include Samsung Maldives, Samsung Boracay, and the new Samsung wind free.

Inverter/Non-InverterSamsung air conditioning supports inverter and non-inverter air con energy systems.

SizesA wide range of unit sizes from Samsung. Samsung Air Conditioning systems carter for almost all aircon sizes for domestic and commercial use.

LG Air conditioners

The trademark LG is one of the most popular aircon brands in the country.

In South Africa, LG air cons come in the form of inverter units and the warranty covers 10 years on the outdoor unit. LG supplies inverter units only in South Africa.

Models: Most popular models include LG Artcool Dual cool Inverter, LG M Range, and LG Dual Cool Inverter.

Inverter/Non-Inverter – inverter

Sizes: Like Samsung, LG has many aircon sizes.

Jet-Air Air Conditioners

Models: J smart, Amber, LFI Liberty, and Q series are the popular models.

They have units for home, light, and heavy industry. Jet air aircons for home can be mid wall or free standing, even window air cons.

Inverter/Non-InverterJet air supplies both inverter and non-inverter aircons

Sizes: Many sizes to suit small area coverage as well as large commercial spaces.

Alliance Air Conditioners

Models: Popular models include Neocool, Alliance FOUS, Alliance Alaskan, and Alliance Arctic Midwall.

Alliance air conditioners can work for home and commercial use.

Inverter/Non-Inverter – Alliance makes both inverter and non-inverter aircons

Sizes: Many sizes to suit small area coverage as well as large spaces.

Daikin Air Conditioners

Daikin Industries, Ltd. originates from Japan and covers many countries. In South Africa, Daikin is a powerful proprietary name in airconditioning.

Daikin is the inventor of variable refrigerant flow air cons.

Models: Daikin Sensira, Daikin Perfera, Daikin Emura Silver and Emura White.

Inverter/Non-Inverter – well known for inverter air cons.

Sizes: Makes all common sizes.

Dunham bush Air Conditioners

Dunham bush air conditioning trade mark is an upcoming aircon type in South Africa.

Models: Dunham-Bush Fravega Inverter Range, Dunham-Bush  Standard Range 410A and Dunham-Bush Under Ceiling Inverter Range

The make midwall units, floor standing, and cassette ac units.

Inverter/Non-Inverter –both inverter and non-inverter aircons types.

Sizes: Makes all common sizes

Gree air conditioners

Another emerging air conditioner label to take note of, it is distributed by Gree Products SA(Pty) Ltd.

Models: Includes BORA, Lomo and U Grace Midwall.

Inverter/Non-InverterGree air conditioning brand covers both inverter and non-inverter aircons

Sizes: Common sizes for home and commercial use.

York Air Conditioners

York air conditioning has high quality midwall split aircon units, ceiling and under ceiling aircon model.

Models: York wall split standard air conditioners, Inverter York high wall split ac, York cassette split standard aircon and Inverter cassette split air cons.