York Air Conditioning

York air conditioning services in Pretoria and Johannesburg. We provide the best air conditioning installations and repair services. Like any air conditioner, York air conditioning units are reliable and efficient if proper care is taken.

Therefore, we advise on regular air conditioner service and maintenance on York aircons. That said, our air conditioning services cover fitting new York – aircons, servicing aircons, and repair of ac units.  Additionally, we offer advice on the choice of air conditioning system to match with your budget and available space.

York air conditioning units

York aircons have a fine eye appeal

As for York air conditioners, a wide range of non-inverter air con models as well as inverter models is available. We make sure the cost of  York air conditioner installation is within your reach. Book online or call to get the best deals on York air conditioners with installation.

York air conditioning has high quality mid-wall split aircon units, ceiling aircons, and under ceiling aircon models.

We do full checks on York aircons that are faulty, and offer quality repairs with genuine parts-replacement. Check out some ac problems that we can help you out.

First, If your York air conditioner is not blowing cold air or hot air as it should be

Then if you get York aircon error codes that requires a technician to resolve

If you need regular air conditioning service

Air conditioning gas leaks

Aircon running low on gas – we re-gas York air conditioners.

Call us today for world class air conditioning services in Gauteng! Alternatively fill in the contact form and we will respond and call you back.

York Air Conditioners Fact Sheet

The indoor unit for mid wall split air conditioners come with the following features:

  • First  – Good eye appeal
  • Top cooling and heating ability
  • Can restart by a knee-jack operation
  • Is low on noise
  • 2 way drain system
  • 3D air flow (Option)
  • Wired controller (Option)
  • In addition, a WIFI (Option)

The outdoor unit is graced with the following features

  • Good eye appeal
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • In addition, a valve protection cover

York Aircon Types

Similar to any top air conditioning services, each York air con model works for different aircon types

York wall split standard air conditioners – fixed speed midwall units found in many sizes to fit room space.

york midwall split unit

Box of York air conditioner comes with indoor, outdoor and remote

Inverter York high wall split air conditioners – energy saving and top cooling effect, all sizes

York cassette split standard air conditioners – fixed speed split units for ceiling air conditioner fitting, all sizes

Inverter cassette split air conditioners – inverter split units for ceiling air conditioner fitting, all sizes

York Cassette

York Cassette air con unit

Under ceiling inverter air conditioner – for below ceiling mounting, good energy efficiency

York under ceiling unit

York under ceiling unit