Air Conditioning Services in Pretoria

Gauteng Aircon offers the best air conditioning services in Pretoria, fair prices, fast and efficient, well-trained technicians. Client can benefit from world class air conditioner services at low rates!

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Therefore, wherever you are in Pretoria, we can offer you reliable air conditioning service to support your home and commercial air conditioners. In addition, we also repair, maintain, and service fridges, chillers, and freezers.

Air Conditioning Services in Pretoria

Gauteng Aircon

Air Conditioning Installation Services in Pretoria

We believe that we rank high on the list of air conditioning companies in Pretoria, for the installation of various ac brands and models. Our service supports any aircon installation situation. Say, for instance, you need to renovate portion of your building, and you would like safe removal of your ac. You can rely on our aircon installers to remove and re install your aircon with no hassle.

aircon installation in pretoria

Air Con Installation

Our prices for air conditioner installation in Pretoria depend on ac brand and model, back-to-back install or not, and type of ac system. Mid-wall aircon fitting is cheaper and the most popular ac installation in Pretoria.

However, where a back-to-back install is not possible, there is additional length of copper needed. The extra material cost needs will be added to the normal back-to-back rate. Depending on the situation, labour rates for installing an aircon in Pretoria starts from R1700 upwards. Re-installations have an extra need to vacuum and re-gas. In addition, ceiling cassette air conditioner fitting rates are a bit higher than mid-walls. Regardless, Gauteng Aircon gives you the best air con installation rates in Pretoria, to meet your situation and budget!

Pretoria’s Best Air Conditioner Repair Service

Air conditioner service and repairs in Pretoria is cheaper with Gauteng Aircon. Our technicians have high quality and many years of experience in assessing ac units. We promise thorough aircon diagnosis and long-term solutions.

Contact your number one hvac contractor in Pretoria for repair and service of all brands of aircons.

hvac contractor services

Air conditioner repairs

Air Conditioner Maintenance Service in Pretoria

We offer cheap ac service and maintenance in Pretoria. Our maintenance services include, but not limited to: –

Air con maintenance service contracts – an opportunity to cut ac maintenance costs even lower by engaging us on a contract. In addition, this ensures optimum aircon performance and longevity, as service is done regularly.

Air conditioner service and re-gas as and when you need it.

A list of the usual tasks we do during aircon servicing: –

  • First, Inspect air handler filters and remove dust particles and debris.
  • Second, Assess if the gas is sufficient for top results
  • Inspect condenser and remove any dust if present
  • Oil the condenser fan motor.
  • Assess condenser fan blades and confirm that they are tight enough
  • Inspect voltage at unit under load.
  • Remove any items found along the condensate drainpipe.
  • Check blower belt for condition, tension, and alignment.
  • Oiling all bearings if needed.
  • Check blower for cleanliness.
  • Inspect and ensure all safety controls are in 100% working order.
  • Assess contactor points.
  • Last but not least, to inspect overall function of all parts and make recommendations if needed.

List of Air Conditioner Brands in South Africa

List of air conditioner brands in South Africa in no specific order.

Depending on your preference and budget, you can find an ideal unit for your situation from the of air con brands in South Africa.

For instance, if you are looking at longest warranty term or duration, there are specific units for that.

Alternatively, you can also find cheap air conditioner brands that also deliver on the south Africa market today by browsing the list.

Jet air aircons

Samsung aircon

Alliance aircons

LG aircons

York aircons

Gree aircons

Dunham Bush aircons

Daikin aircons

Midea aircons

Infinity aircons

Aux aircons

TCL aircons

Daytek aircons

Gold Air aircons

Hisence aircons






Panasonic aircons


What are the Most Popular Units from The List of Air Conditioner Brands in South Africa?

In terms of popularity, Samsung aircons, LG aircons, Alliance and Daikin aircons are among popular aircon brands in South Africa. Most common considerations for buying AC unit include price of ac install and cost of maintenance.

Samsung Air Conditioners

Models: Samsung aircons come in many models, and the more recent one is the wind free air conditioner. The wind free technology is the latest and best system for air conditioner energy usage as well as being more friendly to the earth.

Common models of Samsung air conditioners include Samsung Maldives, Samsung Boracay, and the new Samsung wind free.

Inverter/Non-InverterSamsung air conditioning supports inverter and non-inverter air con energy systems.

SizesA wide range of unit sizes from Samsung. Samsung Air Conditioning systems carter for almost all aircon sizes for domestic and commercial use.

LG Air conditioners

The trademark LG is one of the most popular aircon brands in the country.

In South Africa, LG air cons come in the form of inverter units and the warranty covers 10 years on the outdoor unit. LG supplies inverter units only in South Africa.

Models: Most popular models include LG Artcool Dual cool Inverter, LG M Range, and LG Dual Cool Inverter.

Inverter/Non-Inverter – inverter

Sizes: Like Samsung, LG has many aircon sizes.

Jet-Air Air Conditioners

Models: J smart, Amber, LFI Liberty, and Q series are the popular models.

They have units for home, light, and heavy industry. Jet air aircons for home can be mid wall or free standing, even window air cons.

Inverter/Non-InverterJet air supplies both inverter and non-inverter aircons

Sizes: Many sizes to suit small area coverage as well as large commercial spaces.

Alliance Air Conditioners

Models: Popular models include Neocool, Alliance FOUS, Alliance Alaskan, and Alliance Arctic Midwall.

Alliance air conditioners can work for home and commercial use.

Inverter/Non-Inverter – Alliance makes both inverter and non-inverter aircons

Sizes: Many sizes to suit small area coverage as well as large spaces.

Daikin Air Conditioners

Daikin Industries, Ltd. originates from Japan and covers many countries. In South Africa, Daikin is a powerful proprietary name in airconditioning.

Daikin is the inventor of variable refrigerant flow air cons.

Models: Daikin Sensira, Daikin Perfera, Daikin Emura Silver and Emura White.

Inverter/Non-Inverter – well known for inverter air cons.

Sizes: Makes all common sizes.

Dunham bush Air Conditioners

Dunham bush air conditioning trade mark is an upcoming aircon type in South Africa.

Models: Dunham-Bush Fravega Inverter Range, Dunham-Bush  Standard Range 410A and Dunham-Bush Under Ceiling Inverter Range

The make midwall units, floor standing, and cassette ac units.

Inverter/Non-Inverter –both inverter and non-inverter aircons types.

Sizes: Makes all common sizes

Gree air conditioners

Another emerging air conditioner label to take note of, it is distributed by Gree Products SA(Pty) Ltd.

Models: Includes BORA, Lomo and U Grace Midwall.

Inverter/Non-InverterGree air conditioning brand covers both inverter and non-inverter aircons

Sizes: Common sizes for home and commercial use.

York Air Conditioners

York air conditioning has high quality midwall split aircon units, ceiling and under ceiling aircon model.

Models: York wall split standard air conditioners, Inverter York high wall split ac, York cassette split standard aircon and Inverter cassette split air cons.

York Air Conditioning

York air conditioning services in Pretoria and Johannesburg. We provide the best air conditioning installations and repair services. Like any air conditioner, York air conditioning units are reliable and efficient if proper care is taken.

Therefore, we advise on regular air conditioner service and maintenance on York aircons. That said, our air conditioning services cover fitting new York – aircons, servicing aircons, and repair of ac units.  Additionally, we offer advice on the choice of air conditioning system to match with your budget and available space.

York air conditioning units

York aircons have a fine eye appeal

As for York air conditioners, a wide range of non-inverter air con models as well as inverter models is available. We make sure the cost of  York air conditioner installation is within your reach. Book online or call to get the best deals on York air conditioners with installation.

York air conditioning has high quality mid-wall split aircon units, ceiling aircons, and under ceiling aircon models.

We do full checks on York aircons that are faulty, and offer quality repairs with genuine parts-replacement. Check out some ac problems that we can help you out.

First, If your York air conditioner is not blowing cold air or hot air as it should be

Then if you get York aircon error codes that requires a technician to resolve

If you need regular air conditioning service

Air conditioning gas leaks

Aircon running low on gas – we re-gas York air conditioners.

Call us today for world class air conditioning services in Gauteng! Alternatively fill in the contact form and we will respond and call you back.

York Air Conditioners Fact Sheet

The indoor unit for mid wall split air conditioners come with the following features:

  • First  – Good eye appeal
  • Top cooling and heating ability
  • Can restart by a knee-jack operation
  • Is low on noise
  • 2 way drain system
  • 3D air flow (Option)
  • Wired controller (Option)
  • In addition, a WIFI (Option)

The outdoor unit is graced with the following features

  • Good eye appeal
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • In addition, a valve protection cover

York Aircon Types

Similar to any top air conditioning services, each York air con model works for different aircon types

York wall split standard air conditioners – fixed speed midwall units found in many sizes to fit room space.

york midwall split unit

Box of York air conditioner comes with indoor, outdoor and remote

Inverter York high wall split air conditioners – energy saving and top cooling effect, all sizes

York cassette split standard air conditioners – fixed speed split units for ceiling air conditioner fitting, all sizes

Inverter cassette split air conditioners – inverter split units for ceiling air conditioner fitting, all sizes

York Cassette

York Cassette air con unit

Under ceiling inverter air conditioner – for below ceiling mounting, good energy efficiency

York under ceiling unit

York under ceiling unit


Gree Air Conditioning Services

Gree air conditioning services. Gree Products SA(Pty) Ltd are the ones that distribute Gree air conditioners in South Africa.

The Gree aircon brand has been in the South Africa for years and is an air conditioner brand you can trust. In fact, Forbes rates the Gree Company in the top 385 among a list of 2000 other air conditioning companies.

At Gauteng Aircon, we fit in new Gree air conditioner units. Furthermore, we install Gree air conditioners at low rates. Book or call us for high quality installation and repair of Gree air conditioners.

Consider our air conditioning installers when you look for Gree air conditioning installation services. Our air conditioning company is full time in air conditioner installations, repairs and services of many aircon brands. Threfore, you can rely on us for Gree aircon repair services. Additionally, we also offer the cheapest aircon service rates in town.

Gree air conditioning

Indoor unit for Gree air conditioner

Gree Air Conditioners

Gree air conditioning units are fantastic brands of aircons to have at hone, office, and for commercial use. In fact, there is a wide variety of top of the range Gree air conditioners to select from. Although this Chinese aircon product is not yet familiar in South Africa, Gree air conditioners are sound air conditioner brands to try. Like other air conditioning units, Gree aircons work well if there is proper care and regular maintenance, such that they can last up to 15 years in good work order.

Gauteng Aircon services, repairs and installs Gree aircon models.

Gree ceiling air conditioner

Gree cassette air conditioner

Gree Lomo Air Conditioners

gree lomo air conditioner

gree lomo aircon









Now Gree Lomo air conditioning model is good at saving energy while keeping your desired set temperature

Lomo air conditioners come in standard version, better version and vest version.

The Lomo aircon model has a good eye appeal as well as an easy to clean panel.

Bora (Gree) Air Conditioners

gree bora air conditioner model

gree bora aircon

Top features
Intelligent Auto Restart

Comfort sleep mode
LED Display
On/Off timer
Auto Clean

Re-gas, service and repair Gree air conditioners with Gauteng Aircon at low rates.

Gree Window Wall Air Conditioners

The Gree window aircon is a wise economic choice for home and office cooling and heating. Although it is not as quiet as some other brands, it performs perfectly well. Consider this model if you are looking at installing window air conditioning units.

gree window air conditioner

gree window air conditioner


Certification       ENERGY STAR

Special Features               Dehumidifier

Remote control feature

Core Material – Aluminium Alloy

Refrigerant – R-32

Self-Timer Duration         24 Hours

Date First Available         April 30, 2021

Gree Aircon Re-gas, Repairs and Service

In addition to air conditioner fitting, we also service and repair Gree air conditioners.

Let us fix any Gree air conditioner unit problem that you need assistance with.

Our full time air conditioner repairs technicians will mend your air conditioner and restore normal function. Call us for re-gas of Gree units anywhere in Gauteng.

We repair and service Gree air conditioning units.

This includes fixing Gree error codes, thermostat issues, ac not cooling, water leaks and gas leaks.


Highveld Air Conditioning Services

Highveld Air Conditioning Services. We install, repairs and service home and office units

You can contact us on 0810432004 to ask for our service. We promise affordable and yet professional service.

Gauteng Aircon is a well known heating and cooling contractor in Centurion

There is no air con model or brand that we are not familiar with

We can fit new air conditioners as well as remove and re position existing units. There are no heavy charges even if your unit is not on the ground floor, are rates are still low.

Repairs and Maintenance – we repair any faulty parts where possible. If it is not possible to fix a faulty part, we replace with a new one.

Further to fixing air con units, we also work with heat pumps. That is why we say we are the home of cooling and heating system maintenance in Centurion. Moreover, we cover more than just Centurion. We work in all suburbs of Gauteng

Heat pumps may fail due to a number of causes, including sensors failure or just incorrect positioning. You may find out that your heat pump only heats up a small amount of water, then goes cold,. This could be a sign that it needs service. Do not hesitate to call us for nay heat pump problem, we are available for service.


Highveld Air Conditioning Services

Gauteng Aircon

Installation By System Types – Highveld Air Conditioning Services

Split Air Conditioners – we install, repair and service split air conditioning systems as well as multi split systems

Central Air Conditioning System – we work on this systems that require ducting as a means of moving air around the rooms and house.

Mid wall systems

Ceiling and under ceiling air conditioners – we install and service these nice to see ceiling units as well as under ceiling units.

Window air conditioning


Workmanship At Gauteng Aircon

At Gauteng Aircon, we focus on making our name to be remembered. That is why we do not compromise on our workmanship.

Our air con unit fit procedure does not skip steps. Exactly the way the makers want it. The way they want the unit to work is what we make sure you have. You pay for service, you deserve the best.

Our cooling sysytem installers have a good and sound training. The experience we have is deep.  Experience in fitting home units, office units and experience on working at height. Therefore we cannot fail to satisfy your needs, give us a call and you we see for yourself.

Furthermore, we work on refrigeration units, both for homes and for business. Such refrigeration units like the ones common in super markets and shops.

Gauteng Aircon is a name you can rely on. You can trust that once we are done with you unit, you will not be calling again for the same problem.

Call the gurus, call us today!!




Split Air Conditioning Kempton Park

Split Air Conditioning Kempton Park, we offer installation & repair services for heating & cooling systems in Kempton Park, call now on 0810432004

Air conditioner Installation Kempton Park – we install various brands and types of air conditioning units in Kempton Park, including Alliance air conditioners. Our air conditioning services include a full supply and install service together with repairs and maintenance services. We serve individuals as well as industry

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for quality air conditioning in Kempton Park

All Aircon Types - Split Air Conditioning Kempton

Split air conditioning for both inverter & non inverter aircons–  options for residential and commercial applications

Split Air Conditioning Systems – enjoy the elegance of air conditioner units associated with the indoor unit of split aircons. Our team of air conditioner installers are here to help. Split aircons are good for your energy savings as well, and very efficient in cooling

Mid Wall, Cassette and Floor Mounted

All these positions and locations of aircons are possible with Split Air Conditioning

Not only do we offer split aircon services. We also do central air conditioners – for maximum efficiency in cooling, this systems is second to none


The Beauty Of Air Conditioning

An air conditioned house is a secure home giving comfortable sleep in summer and warm environment in winter. You can enjoy exercises at home in the coolness of the aircon, as you burn the fat and sweat out.

Due to the presence of air conditioners, insects and parasites presence reduces. Furthermore, as most electronic gadgets heat up while in operation, aircons ensure that no overheating is possible.

I find it extremely easier to work in an air conditioned home as I get to set the temperature of my choice, where I get maximum concentration. There are many other advantages of having air conditioners in your home besides these, such as adding an aesthetic value to your home.


Sandton Air Conditioning Services

Sandton Air Conditioning services at affordable rates. Check what we can do for your home or office cooling systems


We offer services for heating, ventilation and cooling system such as to maintain and to repair units, as well as to fit in new units. Our air con technicians are well trained to do all of the following tasks that are vital for our services

To test pipes and tubing joints, as well as to see that connections have no leaks.

Inspect and check parts for proper function and then.

Repair of parts that are not in good working order.

To further test and make sure that electrical parts are also in proper working condition.

Fit in new air con units or other heating and cooling machine.

To improve the way cooling and heating system are making use of energy by doing quality servicing

Able to adjust thermostats if they are out of level, or if they need setting as well as timers. This is in addition to regular servicing.

To make the connections needed to facilities such as fuel, water, or power source

Following steps indicated by unit makers

To follow standard steps in doing work

Mounting of units as may be necessary, whether on the ceiling, wall or under ceiling

Properly drill walls for drain pipes and other tubing or cable fitting.

Sandton Air Conditioning Services

We operate in all Sandton suburbs

Service List: Sandton Air Conditioning Services

Heating Systems

We offer a complete heating and cooling service in  Sandton. So in addition to cooling systems, we also cover heat pumps for many purposes. You can always call and ask for service relating to heat pumps.

Cooling systems apart from air conditioners

The repair and maintenance of cold-rooms ,freezer Rooms ,Island Freezers ,bottle coolers and chillers . In addition to that, we cover services such as, air handling units, humidifiers  and ventilating fans.



Good service- Value for money

No limits, we cover a many types of brands on heating and cooling systems. High skill, good work ethics and friendly service is what you get

Furthermore, we charge so that we can be known and be the first provider to think of. We believe you can afford us without doubt. Combine skill, quality and affordable rates and you come up with our name.

Kempton Park Air Conditioning Services

Kempton Park Air Conditioning services at affordable rates, call 0810432004. We install, repair and maintain heating and cooling systems in Erkhuleni

We make cooling systems services affordable. Moreover, we work on all brands and models, systems and sizes of cooling units. If your home, office or business needs a new air con fitting or repair, then you are at the right place.

Split air conditioners – Mid wall, cassette units and hide away units

Central Air conditioning systems – ducted systems, package systems

Freezer rooms

Air handling units


Ventilating Fans

Heat pumps







Kempton Park Air Conditioning

Map of Kempton Park

Kempton Park Air Conditioning : We serve all

Our service extends to individuals as well as business. For as long as there is need for heating and cooling systems maintenance and installations, we are a solution.

We work all over gauteng and we have representatives in all key areas of Johannesburg and Pretoria. Do not suufer the heat in silence. Not only is air conditioning vital in summer, but also in winter. Yes, do not freeze in silence, call us for air conditioning that warms the room as well.

We offer solutions for business heating and cooling systems. Large freezers as well as very high performance cooling systems for large rooms such as warehouses, supermarkets and many other areas housing masses of people.

Randburg Air Conditioning Services

Randburg air conditioning services, call 0810432004 for quality service that you can afford. You can afford our new fit in costs and our repair and service costs. Find out how by calling.

Some air conditioning info

Cooling systems have had to improve over time. Air con units, similar to any home or office machine, had to improve in terms of energy use and function. Additional to better temperature controls, you can add on the fact the the air quality is even better. Aircons get more popular every, although there were many questions about the climate. First, they were questions about health, then the climate. All these have however seen better results over the years. Units are now very safe in contrast to what the fears earlier.

Furthermore, you can now afford to use a smart phone to control cooling units. What more, even portable units are now on sale. Moreover, the cost to fit in new units gets low with time.

Consider our company for any of the following:-

  • To fit in new units for new building projects, we have attractive discounts for a big volume of unit fit.
  • Fit in new air con units for business.
  • Trust us to replace old units with new ones at good rates
  • Home cooling systems
  • Service of refrigerators


Randburg Air Conditioning Services

aircon services

Our Randburg air conditioning services cover all types of aircons

We work on many system types, when you look at function and location

Wall mount cooling unit services in Randburg

If you want to replace an old wall mount aircon, or a new wall mount air con fit, you are at the right place. We install wall mount air con units, all sizes and brands.

Furthermore, if you name the system, we can fit it for you.

Split cooling units

Mini split or multi split units of any size and brand. We have technicians with the know how and experience to fit in split units, repair and service them at low prices

Central units in Randburg

For installation and maintenance service of the most effective cooling systmes, call us any day of the week and we will be of assistance. let us help you with servicing this proven system in terms of effectiveness in cooling. You will certainly need this one for commercial and large rooms.

Casstte air conditioners – for ceiling mounting, call the experts in cassette air conditioning services in Randburg. We work on many ceiling mounted brands of aircons

Window cooling units  – for cooling smaller rooms at affordable prices.

In addition to air con units, we work on heat pumps as well. Likewise we fit in new units and service them.


Randburg Split Air Conditioning Service

Randburg split air conditioning services, affordable, quality and on time installations and repair services. Call us on 0810432004 and get a technician to serve you.

Gauteng Aircon offers the best deals for aircon services in Randburg. Book us for any of the broad ac services

  • Aircon repairs Randburg
  • Air conditioner installation Randburg
  • Aircon service in Randburg
  • Repair of food cooling units, fridges and chillers.

Our technicians have experience and knowledge to give you world class service.  When it comes to installing a new air conditioner unit, you can trust Gauteng Aircon to deliver. Moreover, if you are clueless as to what type of system or ac size you need, we give guidance to help you get the most from your budget and space available. That is why our Randburg air conditioning services are second to none.

Here are a few things to consider when installing a new aircon

  • electricity consumption
  • the cooling effect
  • space considerations
  • cost of installation
  • appeal
  • capacity/size
  • maintenance



Aircon Repairs | Randburg Split Air Conditioning Services

Is your aircon not cooling air enough?

Are you hearing funny noises from the aircon?

Is there too much water dripping off the ac drain pipe?

Are you getting unfamiliar error messages on your air conditioner and it is not responding well?

Consider the name that offers the best aircon services in Randburg to solve any issues relating to air conditioners. We are a leader in the Randburg aircon service provision and we leave no stone untuned when repairing air conditioners.

We repair aircon leaks and do re-gas where it is low.

AC unit replacement of faulty ac compressors

Maintenance of ac units in Randburg

Replacement of faulty aircon PC board

Aircon gas leaks fixing

Repair ac electronic failure

Replace faulty aircon motors

Remove and replace thermostats that are not in good order.






Why Randburg Residents Should Choose Us

Gauteng Aircon aims for high levels of client satisfaction, and therefore we target world class performance.

We believe that we are the right place contractor for any Randburg aircon service need.

Our drive has these simple and yet strong basics

  • On time service – we value time for our clients. After all, time is money and therefore we use it wisely.
  • Friendly service – we offer help and assistance in a professional and polite manner to our clients in the Randburg community.
  • We leave no stone unturned, our aircon service and aircon repairs in Randburg are done in a very thorough way. We leave the client satisfied and the air conditioners working as good as new.
  • Gauteng Aircon team is good at aircons and cooling units, expect that your problems will be resolved.