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Aircon Installers Highveld, solutions for home and business heating and cooling equipment, call now on 0810432004

Gauteng Aircon is the  cooling contractor that you can rely on. Competitive rates, high quality in doing the work and good workmanship.

Our aircon technicians in Highveld are well able to assist you in regards to all cooling systems. If you need us to repair, service and or fit new units, you are at the right place.


Aircon Repairs – Aircon Installers Highveld

Particular parts of a cooling unit might need replacement. Here are some parts of interest


To repair a compressor is often not possible. Furthermore, the cost to repair a unit compressor is very high. Therefore, one should by all means make sure that the unit has sufficient service. Regular air con service makes it possible to note unit faults before they become a big problem. If a compressor repair on your unit cannot be done, which is often the case, you have to make a choice. Either you have to buy a new compressor, or buy a new air conditioner. The main reason for that is a new compressor is costly and one may choose a new unit altogether.

Condenser Coil and Evaporator Coil

The condenser coil is at the outdoor unit of your cooling unit. It gets refrigerant from the compressor and makes heat transfer possible. This happens when heat from the refrigerant is taken up by air around the evaporator coil, and blown out. This leaves the refrigerant cooler, which then enables cool air to circulate in the house.

Evaporator Coil can be found at the handler or at the furnace. It works to absorb heat from the air in the house.

Expansion Valve

The work of an expansion valve is to remove pressure from the refrigerant. Consequently, this action makes the refrigerant cooler and the result is that the liquid turns into gas.



Air Conditioner Installation

Our cooling unit installers are qualified and able to fit in units according to the design steps. We offer advice and respond to questions from clients that need assistance

Our packages include a complete supply and install service.In addition, we also fit in units if you already bought one or you have a used one.

We fit in different types of systems such as:-

Split air conditioning

Central air conditioner installations

Mid wall systems

Ceiling cassette and under ceiling cassette fitting


Aircon Installers Randburg

Aircon Installers Randburg, professional heating and cooling contracting services in Gauteng. Call 0810432004 for installations, repairs & servicing

We are proud installers of air conditioners of various types and brands, and we do not compromise on quality. Air conditioning and refrigeration is our business. On time every time for scheduled appointments

Call us for any of the following services

New installations of cassette air conditioner units, mid wall units, split and central air conditioning systems. We serve private as well as commercial clients. We work on all heating and cooling equipment such as:-

Air conditioners – both domestic and commercial

Heat Pumps – for residential as well as industry

Cold rooms





Aircon Installers Randburg – Guidance on installation types

If you are not sure of the type of air conditioner you need for your premise, we can advise accordingly. Our team of aircon installers in Randburg have experience and are knowledgeable in heating and cooling systems

For air conditioners, these are some of the systems and types of aircon installations

Split Air Conditioning – Ideal for medium to large spaces. Effective heating and cooling capacity, relatively cheaper on installation. This system employs two units, one for inside of room (indoor unit), the other for outside of room (outdoor unit). The indoor unit can be placed at a convenient place of choice if all other factors have been taken into consideration

Central Air Conditioning – Ideal for large rooms and is the most effective type for heating and cooling. This system makes use of ducts to move air from one place to another. First installation costs a relatively high, however the energy savings in the long run outplays this initial investment cost. Therefore, this type is recommended for large spaces and long term savings

In terms of energy conversion, there exists to types that can be used for any system, namely inverter and non inverter. Inverters save energy

Furthermore inverter technology is 25% faster in cooling due to the high powered startup

Cassette ceiling and under ceiling – effective, good view and ceiling based. Either installed under or embedded into the ceiling





Aircon Services Vanderbijlpark

Aircon Services Vanderbijlpark, for all your heating and cooling needs. Call 0810432004 for a quick and aircon service that you can rely on

We offer quality cooling systems services such as refrigerator repair and air con unit repair, as well as fitting

Heating Systems – we work on heat pumps of various types

Cold rooms, chillers and refrigeration – we are experts in cooling systems of various types


Aircon Services Vanderbijlpark

aircon services provided all vanderbijlpark suburbs

What To Expect From Our Vanderbijlpark Aircon Services

Expect nothing but quality from our aircon installers in Vanderbijlpark. We make sure that we keep high standards and we maintain top quality during unit fitting. The technicians will serve you with a smile and an open ear to your preferences.

Further, our service is on time every time.

Call us for sure and safe results. Gauteng Aircon is a name you can rely on. In addition, we charge our fees to make sure that your pocket can breathe.

So whether you are a home owner or shop owner, we serve all

  • We fit units for homes and individuals
  • Repair air con units and service upon your request
  • Service cooling systems on a contract
  • Serve super markets and other large public areas
  • If you need to remove an air conditioner, we do it

Options Available For Air Conditioning

You can additionally use our team on site to assist you with the right choice for your needs. The technician can assist you in making a decision that best meets your needs. Whether your deciding factor is cost or appearance, even energy usage over time, you will helpful answers.

The inverter is now more popular due to its additional advantage in converting electricity. This is a good option if you look at the running costs. Although an inverter unit will mean that you pay more to fit in it, it has that benefit over time. You also need to be aware that the parts cost more when we compare it with non inverter. That is, if a repair is necessary. However, you can avoid most repairs by doing a regular aircon service.

Non inverter – this is a good option if you look at the initial cost that you have to meet. The non inverter is cheaper to buy and cheaper to fit in. The parts are also cheaper in case of repairs. However, it will not be as efficient in energy use as the inverter.

Split Aircons – most homes and even businesses use the split system. It is much cheaper to install than the central system. It gives you the power to control room by room units.

Central systems – they are often used on large areas as they are good with cooling large areas. They work on the entire building or house. The cost is higher then the split system, as one will need to fit in ducts.

You have option to install a split system on the wall, inside the ceiling or just below the ceiling.

Aircon Installation Jhb South

Aircon installation Jhb South. Gauteng Aircon is an air conditioner service provider in Johannesburg South and surrounding towns. We offer full ac services such as home aircon re-gas, ac servicing and ac repairs. Call us for the best air conditioner service deals in Johannesburg.

Our aircon installers in Johannesburg South have vast experience in repairs, maintenance and installation of various types of air conditioner units.

Are you looking for the best aircon prices with installation in Johannesburg South? Here is what puts us ahead of the pack in Johannesburg South.

  • Flexibility – the client has many options to choose from. We install a wide range of aircon brands on the market in Johannesburg. You name a brand, we install it for you. Moreover, you can seek guidance if you are not certain.
  • Budget friendly aircon installation prices – the price of installing air conditioners in Johannesburg South is cheaper with Gauteng Aircon. Our rates beat them all!!
  • Well trained installation technicians who follow standard process to the last detail
  • Neat and good appeal finishes on air conditioner fitting
  • We do both split aircon system and central air conditioning system.
  • Our service is open for home ac units and commercial ac units

Aircon Brands Available for Installation in Jhb South

You can select a brand of your choice from the list below, and request price for installation. We are open to offer help to make you make a better choice that suits your pocket and situation. Additionally, we also remove and re install aircon if you are making changes on the building. Contact us for even more aircon brands!

Samsung Aircon Jhb South

We are at your service to install, service and repair Samsung air conditioners in Johannesburg South. Samsung is one of the leading aircon brands in the globe, and you can enjoy all the benefits that come with it today! Moreover, Samsung is very progressive in technology upgrades. Request a quote now

LG Aircons Jhb South

LG offers a long 10 year warranty on its outdoor units. Residents of Johannesburg South, take advantage of us and install durable LG air conditioners at very competitive rates! In fact, you cannot get any better deals on this brand.

Daikin Aircons Jhb South

State of the art brand of air conditioners. Daikin air conditioners are top of the range aircons, have powerful functions, are built to last long and are very beautiful to look at. Install the Daikin aircon in Johannesburg today for 100% satisfaction!

Alliance Aircons in Johannesburg South

A fair balance of quality and price. We offer ac installation, service, and repair services in Johannesburg South at extremely low rates.

Choose Alliance air conditioners for comfort and ease of operation.

Jet-air Air Conditioners in Johannesburg South

When you talk of affordable aircon installation in Johannesburg South, Jet-air air conditioner is the brand to go with. Low installation prices and yet the brand gives out top results!

Dunham Bush Aircons Johannesburg South

A reliable and very affordable air conditioner brand available to residents of Johannesburg South suburbs. Dunham bush air conditioners are made for South Africa!

Technical Support in Johannesburg Suburbs

Our fully trained technicians are available to cover all suburbs of Johannesburg. Therefore, we deploy ac technicians and dedicate them to areas.

AC Service Alberton, Johannesburg

In Alberton, Johannesburg South, we offer full ac support cover

New ac installs in Alberton

Repairs and servicing in Alberton

Additionally, we offer any other ac support of need and also fridge repairs and service.

AC Service Lenaisa, Johannesburg South

In Lenasia, Johannesburg South, we offer full ac support cover

Fit-in of air conditioners

Fix faulty aircons, perform regular service and resolve aircon error codes in Lenasia.

Furthermore, we work on fridges and food cooling units.

Glenvista Air Conditioning Support

In Glenvista, Johannesburg South, we offer full ac support cover

Glenvista ac installs and repairs

Servicing of aircons in Glenvista

Additionally, we repair food cooling units and fridges in Glenvista, Johannesburg.

Mulbarton Aircon Services

Aircon re-gas, service and repairs in Mulbarton, Johannesburg South

Additionally, we also fix and repair fridges.

Aircon Installers

Aircon Installers in Gauteng. We fit in new aircons for wall mount as well as ceiling mount units. Our promise is low cost of installing aircons. Get an air con installation quote now! Call or book online for a full time aircon fitter to fit in of  your air conditioner units.

The rising heat levels in the country is a call for most homes and offices to install air cons in Gauteng. Let us be part of the answer, with our low installation prices and top quality work. Moreover, our aircon fitters are well trained and cover all Gauteng.

Various types exist for installation, therefore it is necessary to get advice on  unit choice. We install air cons for home as well as commercial air cons.

Aircon installers fitting an outdoor unit

Aircon installers fitting an outdoor unit

Let our full time air con fitters you on site with addressing your concerns



What You Need to Know Before Aircon Installation

Window Air con or Mid Wall Unit

Decide on whether to install a window air con or a wall air con. Window air con installation is cheaper but can be noisy and it takes up window space. Further, they do not last long like mid wall units for instance. Most homeowners also consider appearance in which case window units are not quite the best.

Wall air con installation is most common as it is a longer-term solution than window air con installs. Mid wall units are better at converting energy, although the initial cost of installation is higher than window units. In spite of the higher cost of installation however, wall units have a much better eye appeal as well.

Inverter or non-inverter

Inverter technology means energy savings. Aircon installers may not charge extra on labour for inverter units, but the units are more expensive to buy than non-inverter. Another fact is that parts replacement costs for inverter is higher than standard aircons.

The size of your room

Room size will determine the capacity of the aircon you should install.

Single split or multi split – if you are installing more than one unit you may need to consider multi split system, where one outdoor unit can work with more than one indoor unit

Wall Mount Split Aircon Fitting

Depending on your budget and style, you may need a midwall split air con installation or a ceiling cassette air conditioner fitting.

If you would want assistance in deciding, our aircon fitters will visit site to help with options.

Midwall split air con installation is the ideal air conditioner fitting for low cost of installing aircons. Therefore it is no surprise when most South Africans chose split aircon installs. Especially for bedroom air conditioner installation, a split midwall unit fitting is ideal. Moreover, if the air conditioner fitting can enable a back to back installation, the price for aircon installation is much lower. Fill in contact form for help with choice of air conditioner system installation type.



Book Top Aircon Installers For Ceiling Mount System

A good aircon fitter will know how to install wall units as well as ceiling cassette air conditioning unit. In terms of appeal, most aircon installers would vote for ceiling mount air conditioning system. The under ceiling and ceiling cassette air conditioners give you extra room space because the mounting is on a ceiling. This frees your wall space. Moreover, ceiling cassette air con installation gives a unique room appeal.

Consider our airconditioning installation service when you shop for ceiling mount aircon installs. We beat the lowest quote.

Aircon Installation Kempton Park

Aircon-installation-Kempton-Park. Call us on 0810432004 if you need to fit a new cooling system at your home or office.

We are not expensive, our rates are such that you can afford it. Do you need a contract whereby we service your units at a cheaper rate?

We offer very low rates for servicing cooling units on a contract. Maintenance contracts are ideal for you especially if you are a business. It is a good way to maintain your warranty. In addition, you get a cooling unit that is always working at the best ability. Furthermore, you can avoid repairs that are more costly.

We are leading player in cooling and heating systems servicing in Kempton Park.  In actuall fact, our services extend to all towns and suburbs of Gauteng. We even take jobs from suburbs around Johannesburg and Pretoria. We are therefore a household name in the heating and cooling systems industry. Further to the fitting of air con units, we also work on other cooling & heating systems.

These include chillers, cold rooms and heat pumps just to name a few

If you are looking for cooling unit installers in Kempton Park, you are at the right place. We have technicians with vast knowledge and experience in cooling systems work.

Aircon Installation Kempton Park

Map of Kempton Park/Ekhurleni

Aircon Installation Kempton Park – Energy Use

A lot of options are available to fit in new air cons . In terms of energy savings, you may want an inverter unit, which saves energy. However, a non inverter unit is still a very good choice. Each one has its own benefit. Especially if you consider cost of purchase, you may want a non inverter which is cheaper. To add to that, if you need a repair the parts are also cheap. We work on them both types and we advice also after looking at your budget.

Inverter cooling systems –  An inverter cooling systems type sets the speed of the compressor to control flow of gas. This means that there is control of electric voltage, current and frequency . Therefore power usage is lower for this type of system. Inverters are common in use for many home appliances for the very same reason.

Non Invertor Air Conditioners – heating or cooling by a constant power supply. This means the compressor runs at a fixed speed, whether or not the speed requirements are actually less than the operational one. Non inverters are becoming less the choice although they are still common



The Look, The Function and Efficiency

Split systems are also good at converting energy for use. There is a good chance to select where your indoor unit will fit. This gives you the power to have the unit in sync with the rest of the room outlook. Although certain facts should also be looked at, light interference and path of cables.  Further, you can use a multi split systems where a single outdoor unit can support more than one indoor unit.

Central systems – The cost to fit the system is high, although the system cools the entire house and can be good at cost saving. Ideal for large areas. They are also good when it comes to the overall look. The ducts which they use are not visible to the eye.


Aircon Installation Randburg

Aircon Installation Randburg for quick, reliable and professional service at affordable rates.

We repair air con units, fit and maintain cooling systems – call 0810432004

We are well known in Randburg for providing cooling and heating services.  Call us for aircon unit install as well as unit repairs and servicing. Further, we also work on, refrigerators, chillers, heat pumps .We serve homes and the business circle in Randburg. If you are in any suburb of Randburg, even the towns around Randburg, you can call us for work.

No job is too big or too small. Therefore we do not ignore small work, any job deserves our attention. Look at the range of services we offer in Randburg and beyond.

  • Fit of new cooling units.
  • We shift a cooling unit from one position to another, even from one site to another.
  • Repair of worn out parts
  • To service cooling and heating units that are due
  • New heat pump fitting.
  • Repair of heat pumps
  • To repair cold rooms
  • Servicing and repairs of chillers
  • Any other heating and cooling machine


Aircon Installation Randburg

we cover all Randburg suburbs

Aircon Installation Randburg – All Brands, Models and Types

Aircon installers in Randburg at your service for all of the following air conditioner types

Split air conditioning – Indoor and outdoor aircon units installed professionally. Moreover we strive to make sure you can afford our rates

You may also require multi-split systems and benefit from using one outdoor unit for multiple indoor units.

Cassette air conditioning – ceiling mount and under ceiling cooling units

Central air conditioning system – effective air conditioning ideal for cooling large rooms

Midwall and window air conditioner units

Other services include

Refrigeration, chillers and cold room servicing and maintenance

Heat Pumps – we fit, repair and service heap pumps for geysers and swimming pools

We work on units for industry as well as business space.

Our heating and cooling services are not limited to particular brands, we work on many brands and models.

Aircon Installers Kempton Park

Aircon installers Kempton Park, trusted cooling contractor.For air con unit fit and  service  heating and cooling systems call 0810432004

We offer a range of heating and cooling solutions in Kempton Park. Our services includes to fit in new units (supply and install), maintain and repair heating and cooling systems. We have dedicated technicians who have strong training and vast experience.

You can expect that the quote we give out is something that you can afford. Further, we make sure that we follow standard steps when we fit in your air cons and when we service the units. Therefore there is no short changing. We even visit the site before we submit a quote. Our name is what we promote, through a service offering that focus on client needs, as well as on following correct steps



Brands and Models – Aircon Installers Kempton Park

We work on all brand types and models of air conditioner units. Various brands exist on the market and we are flexible to install, repair and service any brand and model type.

Are you looking at changing the position of your air conditioner unit? We assist in relocating your aircon units as well. We remove and re install air conditioners at very affordable prices. Even the installation of used air conditioners is an option for you. Therefore if a friend or family member offers you a used aircon that you need, call us for installation.

Also, various types of air conditioners exist such as the under ceiling air conditioners, mid wall and window air conditioners. Our team of expert installers can assist you with the best type for your needs. From split air conditioners to central air conditioning systems, we do them all.

Complete Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Services in Kempton Park

Let us assist you with all heating and cooling systems repairs, maintenance and installation services. From chillers, cold rooms, heat pumps, commercial and industrial heating and cooling as well as domestic HVAC solutions.

We cover all Gauteng towns and suburbs and we give quick response, professional and neat service. Our team comprise members with vast experience in installation, maintenance and repair of Heating and Cooling Systems.

Call or book us for installation or quotations

Sandton air conditioner service | Installation and Repairs

Sandton air conditioner service that you can afford to maintain your unit, repair aircons and fit in new ones. Call or fill in online request form.

Our services cater for business and home units well as industrial use. Speaking of cooling systems services in Sandton, we are a leader in in this regard. Moreover, we work on a diversity of brands, models and system types.

You can get help for a number of heating and cooling systems, which include heat pump services among others.

Additionally, you can get help on cold rooms issues as well as large cold storage machines.


Sandton aircon services

map of sandton

Installations – Sandton air conditioner service

There are a number of options available for you to fit in a home unit or a business unit. That depends on your space and on your money allocation.

We are able to supply and fit in these and other cooling units

The various types includes:-

Central air cooling systems 

The most effective cooling system. Although the cost to fit is high, the long term benefits far outweighs the fit in costs. Ideal for large rooms

Split air cooling systems 

Effective cooling and relatively cheaper to fit in if you compare it with the central air systems. There is an additional benefit of possibility of using one outdoor system to support multiple indoor units. Therefore, ideal for multiple room as well as single room use.

Window air conditioning systems

Ideal for smaller rooms, cheap fit in costs but is limited to window area only. The design of the unit is such that hot air is blown out through the window, therefore it can not support any other location to fit in.

These units are also cheap and easy to maintain

Cassette air conditioner units – we can install and repair ceiling mounted units

Let us assist you with your new unit fitting. Be it inverter or non inverter, we do it all.

Why air conditioning

Air con gives you the power to control and maintain your room temperature. Furthermore, you get clean air circulation within a room. This is especially true if you make sure that the unit has service for the number of times that the maker indicates.

A new air con fit in will go a long way in making your summer experience a great one. Even in winter, your air conditioner will warm the room and give you comfort. Your house is a good home with cooling and heating systems in place.

Randburg aircon services |Repairs and Installation

Randburg aircon services, air conditioner services done professionally at an affordable price.

Call 0810432004 , we can help you to maintain, service and fit in new cooling units

Fit in an air conditioner and enjoy clean air circulating in your offices and rooms.

Technicians with vast experience and knowledge, who know ho to service your unit in a thorough manner and also how to fit in new units without cutting steps.

We work on all brands and install many types such as the wall mount, ceiling mounted (cassette) and window air conditioners.

We focus on following standard steps when we fit in our unit. Further, our technicians work on a complete check list for air con unit service. Therefore we cannot miss anything. Our air conditioner service will make sure all parts are looked at. We inspect electronic parts, mechanical parts and all systems of the unit. That means even the drain system will have a good inspection. Thermostats, condenser coils and evaporator coils as well.

We believe in quality workmanship therefore we do not rush to finish, rather we take time to produce quality work

Randburg aircon services

Map of Randburg

Randburg aircon services: Our clients

Our heating and cooling systems services cater for clients in homes, for offices and for business and industry spaces. This means any individual or business is a potential client. No job is too small or too big for our service

Air con fit for business – For shopping Malls, large refrigerators and cooling of large spaces such as warehouse overhead cooling systems.

Likewise, we cover home units as well – we serve property developers and home owners as well


Maintenance of air conditioners in Randburg

Your cooling systems need service at the rate that the maker suggest. This will ensure that you enjoy the best of it, in terms of its ability to fully cool or warm your room as its design allows. In addition to that, you are able to correct any fault before it can be a huge cost to repair.

We perform thorough service of units to give best results:-

  • To check and clean the unit cover, front panel and filters
  • Purify filters
  •  Clean evaporator and condenser coils
  • Vacuum the drain system and make sure there is no dirt or debris
  • Check for leaks and seal where necessary
  • Lubricate any bearings that needs it
  • check compressor ability to discharge of pressure

All Types, all brands

How would you want your cooling systems done? We look at your needs and afterwards advise on the type that best suits your needs

We can then recommend any of the following:

Central cooling units

Split cooling systems

Window units

Cassette units

Many other services in addition to these, such as if you need to remove an air con unit. Call us for further help regarding heat pumps that are not in good working order. We repair and correct faulty heat pumps.