Aircon Installation Kempton Park

Aircon-installation-Kempton-Park. Call us on 0810432004 if you need to fit a new cooling system at your home or office.

We are not expensive, our rates are such that you can afford it. Do you need a contract whereby we service your units at a cheaper rate?

We offer very low rates for servicing cooling units on a contract. Maintenance contracts are ideal for you especially if you are a business. It is a good way to maintain your warranty. In addition, you get a cooling unit that is always working at the best ability. Furthermore, you can avoid repairs that are more costly.

We are leading player in cooling and heating systems servicing in Kempton Park.  In actuall fact, our services extend to all towns and suburbs of Gauteng. We even take jobs from suburbs around Johannesburg and Pretoria. We are therefore a household name in the heating and cooling systems industry. Further to the fitting of air con units, we also work on other cooling & heating systems.

These include chillers, cold rooms and heat pumps just to name a few

If you are looking for cooling unit installers in Kempton Park, you are at the right place. We have technicians with vast knowledge and experience in cooling systems work.

Aircon Installation Kempton Park

Map of Kempton Park/Ekhurleni

Aircon Installation Kempton Park – Energy Use

A lot of options are available to fit in new air cons . In terms of energy savings, you may want an inverter unit, which saves energy. However, a non inverter unit is still a very good choice. Each one has its own benefit. Especially if you consider cost of purchase, you may want a non inverter which is cheaper. To add to that, if you need a repair the parts are also cheap. We work on them both types and we advice also after looking at your budget.

Inverter cooling systems –  An inverter cooling systems type sets the speed of the compressor to control flow of gas. This means that there is control of electric voltage, current and frequency . Therefore power usage is lower for this type of system. Inverters are common in use for many home appliances for the very same reason.

Non Invertor Air Conditioners – heating or cooling by a constant power supply. This means the compressor runs at a fixed speed, whether or not the speed requirements are actually less than the operational one. Non inverters are becoming less the choice although they are still common



The Look, The Function and Efficiency

Split systems are also good at converting energy for use. There is a good chance to select where your indoor unit will fit. This gives you the power to have the unit in sync with the rest of the room outlook. Although certain facts should also be looked at, light interference and path of cables.  Further, you can use a multi split systems where a single outdoor unit can support more than one indoor unit.

Central systems – The cost to fit the system is high, although the system cools the entire house and can be good at cost saving. Ideal for large areas. They are also good when it comes to the overall look. The ducts which they use are not visible to the eye.


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