Air Conditioning Installers Johannesburg

Air conditioning installers Johannesburg,we provide quality service at good rates. Call us if you need a repair of your unit or if you need to fit in a new air conditioner

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We make sure the air con fit is professional, neat and on time. Your dream home is one where you have the best quality air circulation. We help you achieve that and in addition you get the power to control exactly what you want. Even smart ways to control temperature are available!

Cool your rooms in summer and warm them in winter with well installed cooling systems. We work on all aircon brands and models. Different sizes and different cooling systems design.

We are a total HVAC solution contractor that provides refrigerator and air con services in Johannesburg and Pretoria.



Air Conditioning Installers Johannesburg

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Air Conditioning Installers Johannesburg

We provide quality heating and cooling services for business. We can service and maintain your large freezers, cold rooms and chillers.

Your chillers remove heat from a liquid through a vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. The liquid will in turn circulate through a heat exchange to cool the unit. For this operation to continue in a smooth manner, you need to have service once in a while.

We can do both unit service as a once off or units service on contracts. Talk to us for a very flexible contract that you can afford.

Call us for cooling solutions for your butcheries, super markets and other business needs.

So do not hesitate to call air conditioning installers in Johannesburg


A Service That You can Rely On

We install, service and repair many types of aircon units, such as

Split cooling systems

Multi split systems

Ceiling cassette units and Under ceiling units

Ducted and central cooling systems

Roof top Package systems

We work on both inverter and non-inveter aircons





Air Conditioner Installation Johannesburg

Air conditioner installation Johannesburg, for home, office and industrial heating and cooling systems. Call us for professional air conditioning services, we are the air  conditioner installer to look for in Gauteng.

We offer supply and install services for air conditioners of all brands, sizes and aircon types

Air conditioner Installation costs depends on client needs, chosen brand name and the size and type of system to be installed. In certain cases, it could be more ideal to install the mini-split air conditioning system. Although central air conditioning systems have the best efficiency, the best system is what meets client needs specifically. Other systems such as the split air conditioning system also perform to very satisfactory standards.  Other various options exist for clients to choose from. Regardless of client needs, our air conditioner installers are ready to assist.


Annual Maintenance | Air Conditioner Installation Johannesburg Services

We offer maintenance services for air conditioners of all brands, sizes and aircon types

Annual services on a contract or ad-hoc services are on offer. Ensure your air conditioner unit is operating at optimum by making use of out Johannesburg air conditioning services. We are the best when it comes to aircon maintenance and air conditioner installation Johannesburg.

We give a thorough aircon cleaning, checking all parts functionality and saving the client of expensive repairs by nipping it in the bud.