Air Conditioner Installation Sandton

Air conditioner installation Sandton

At Gauteng aircon, we offer air conditioning services such as installation service, repairs and maintenance services.

Repairs and Maintenance of air conditioner units

We repair and maintain air conditioner of different brand names, different systems and for various property types.

Maintenance of aircons is vital for the purpose of maintaining the optimum performance of air conditioning systems. The loss of efficiency means that the energy conversion rate is lower, resulting in less satisfactory room temperature control. Similarly, energy usage become higher in comparison to the output

Installation – air conditioning in Sandton

We also install air conditioners of various types, models, capacity and purpose. Our installation includes a complete supply and install service. Our team works on systems such as split air conditioning, central air conditioning, ducted air conditioning as well as window air conditioning systems.



Air Conditioner Installation Sandton – by Property Type

We carter for all property type for our installation and repair services.

Commercial Property – shopping malls and other commercial activity installation, repairs and maintenance services.

Residential Property – we install and repair air conditioning units for homes in sandton.

Offices – small and large office spaces

Sandton is an affluent area situated in the Johannesburg Municipality, Gauteng, South Africa. The name comes from the combination of two of its suburbs, Sandown and Bryanston

Sandton air conditioning popular brands

Samsung air conditioning units

Jet-Air air conditioners


LG air conditioners

Defy air conditioning units


Panasonic air conditioners

Alliance air conditioning units

Avalanche air conditioners

Daikin air conditioners