Aircon Installers

Aircon Installers in Gauteng. We fit in new aircons for wall mount as well as ceiling mount units. Our promise is low cost of installing aircons. Get an air con installation quote now! Call or book online for a full time aircon fitter to fit in of  your air conditioner units.

The rising heat levels in the country is a call for most homes and offices to install air cons in Gauteng. Let us be part of the answer, with our low installation prices and top quality work. Moreover, our aircon fitters are well trained and cover all Gauteng.

Various types exist for installation, therefore it is necessary to get advice on  unit choice. We install air cons for home as well as commercial air cons.

Aircon installers fitting an outdoor unit

Aircon installers fitting an outdoor unit

Let our full time air con fitters you on site with addressing your concerns



What You Need to Know Before Aircon Installation

Window Air con or Mid Wall Unit

Decide on whether to install a window air con or a wall air con. Window air con installation is cheaper but can be noisy and it takes up window space. Further, they do not last long like mid wall units for instance. Most homeowners also consider appearance in which case window units are not quite the best.

Wall air con installation is most common as it is a longer-term solution than window air con installs. Mid wall units are better at converting energy, although the initial cost of installation is higher than window units. In spite of the higher cost of installation however, wall units have a much better eye appeal as well.

Inverter or non-inverter

Inverter technology means energy savings. Aircon installers may not charge extra on labour for inverter units, but the units are more expensive to buy than non-inverter. Another fact is that parts replacement costs for inverter is higher than standard aircons.

The size of your room

Room size will determine the capacity of the aircon you should install.

Single split or multi split – if you are installing more than one unit you may need to consider multi split system, where one outdoor unit can work with more than one indoor unit

Wall Mount Split Aircon Fitting

Depending on your budget and style, you may need a midwall split air con installation or a ceiling cassette air conditioner fitting.

If you would want assistance in deciding, our aircon fitters will visit site to help with options.

Midwall split air con installation is the ideal air conditioner fitting for low cost of installing aircons. Therefore it is no surprise when most South Africans chose split aircon installs. Especially for bedroom air conditioner installation, a split midwall unit fitting is ideal. Moreover, if the air conditioner fitting can enable a back to back installation, the price for aircon installation is much lower. Fill in contact form for help with choice of air conditioner system installation type.



Book Top Aircon Installers For Ceiling Mount System

A good aircon fitter will know how to install wall units as well as ceiling cassette air conditioning unit. In terms of appeal, most aircon installers would vote for ceiling mount air conditioning system. The under ceiling and ceiling cassette air conditioners give you extra room space because the mounting is on a ceiling. This frees your wall space. Moreover, ceiling cassette air con installation gives a unique room appeal.

Consider our airconditioning installation service when you shop for ceiling mount aircon installs. We beat the lowest quote.

Air Conditioner Installation Midrand

Air conditioner installation Midrand

At Gauteng Aircon, we offer installation, repair and maintenance services of air conditioning units of all brands, capacity and type. Our technicians are well equipped with vast experience in air conditioning.

We do it all, from split air conditioning, central air conditioning and ducted air conditioning. If you require window air conditioning system then you are at the right place. Call us for a quote or request online for prices.

We install for homes, offices, commercial as well as industrial property. We are known for state of the art air conditioning services in Midrand




All Brands for Air Conditioner Installation Midrand

We work with popular and high quality brands in South Africa

We install and repair the following

Samsung air conditioners

Daikin air conditioners

Alliance air conditioners

LG air conditioners


Professional Air Conditioning in Midrand

Our name is growing and we are becoming popular with each day. Get quality HVAC services from our team of technicians. We work all around Gauteng, and our pricing is very affordable

Midarnd is a modern town that grew much since 2015. The growth has seen many businesses moving to Midrand.  Midrand is very close to good highway links and its location in the economic centre of Gauteng Province. 

Air Conditioner Installation Johannesburg

Air conditioner installation Johannesburg, for home, office and industrial heating and cooling systems. Call us for professional air conditioning services, we are the air  conditioner installer to look for in Gauteng.

We offer supply and install services for air conditioners of all brands, sizes and aircon types

Air conditioner Installation costs depends on client needs, chosen brand name and the size and type of system to be installed. In certain cases, it could be more ideal to install the mini-split air conditioning system. Although central air conditioning systems have the best efficiency, the best system is what meets client needs specifically. Other systems such as the split air conditioning system also perform to very satisfactory standards.  Other various options exist for clients to choose from. Regardless of client needs, our air conditioner installers are ready to assist.


Annual Maintenance | Air Conditioner Installation Johannesburg Services

We offer maintenance services for air conditioners of all brands, sizes and aircon types

Annual services on a contract or ad-hoc services are on offer. Ensure your air conditioner unit is operating at optimum by making use of out Johannesburg air conditioning services. We are the best when it comes to aircon maintenance and air conditioner installation Johannesburg.

We give a thorough aircon cleaning, checking all parts functionality and saving the client of expensive repairs by nipping it in the bud.