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We are proud installers of air conditioners of various types and brands, and we do not compromise on quality. Air conditioning and refrigeration is our business. On time every time for scheduled appointments

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New installations of cassette air conditioner units, mid wall units, split and central air conditioning systems. We serve private as well as commercial clients. We work on all heating and cooling equipment such as:-

Air conditioners – both domestic and commercial

Heat Pumps – for residential as well as industry

Cold rooms





Aircon Installers Randburg – Guidance on installation types

If you are not sure of the type of air conditioner you need for your premise, we can advise accordingly. Our team of aircon installers in Randburg have experience and are knowledgeable in heating and cooling systems

For air conditioners, these are some of the systems and types of aircon installations

Split Air Conditioning – Ideal for medium to large spaces. Effective heating and cooling capacity, relatively cheaper on installation. This system employs two units, one for inside of room (indoor unit), the other for outside of room (outdoor unit). The indoor unit can be placed at a convenient place of choice if all other factors have been taken into consideration

Central Air Conditioning – Ideal for large rooms and is the most effective type for heating and cooling. This system makes use of ducts to move air from one place to another. First installation costs a relatively high, however the energy savings in the long run outplays this initial investment cost. Therefore, this type is recommended for large spaces and long term savings

In terms of energy conversion, there exists to types that can be used for any system, namely inverter and non inverter. Inverters save energy

Furthermore inverter technology is 25% faster in cooling due to the high powered startup

Cassette ceiling and under ceiling – effective, good view and ceiling based. Either installed under or embedded into the ceiling





Air Conditioner Installation Randburg

Air conditioner installation Randburg, our services cover a wide range of heating and cooling systems. Call us for professional air conditioning services, we are the number one air  conditioner installer in Randburg

If you require supply and installation services for air conditioners of all brands, sizes and aircon types, give us a shout

The cost of installation

Air conditioner Installation costs depends on client needs, chosen brand name and the size and type of system to be installed. In certain cases, it could be more ideal to install the mini-split air conditioning system. Although central air conditioning systems have the best efficiency, the best system is what meets client needs specifically. Other systems such as the split air conditioning system also perform to very satisfactory standards.  Other various options exist for clients to choose from. Regardless of client needs, our air conditioner installers are ready to assist.


Repairs, Maintenance & Air Conditioner Installation Randburg Services

Our air conditioning maintenance services for air conditioners of all brands, sizes and aircon types

Ensure your air conditioner unit is operating at optimum by making use of our Randburg air conditioning services. We are the best when it comes to aircon maintenance and air conditioner installation in Randburg.

Let us help you to avoid unnecessary expense of buying damaged parts and high energy consumption. Let us help you to keep your heating and cooling systems function at maximum