Jet-Air Air Conditioning Services

Jet-Air Air Conditioning Services by Gauteng Aircon. Top aircon service provider for many years, we do aircon repairs and service for all models of jet-air air conditioners.

With us, the cost of installing a jet-air air conditioner is extremely low. Moreover, we provide options to suit your budget.

Request a quote for a jet aircon installation here or call for service.

Additionally, if you are not sure on the model choice, we can assist and guide your selection. Wide range of Jet-air inverter models as well as Jet air non inverter models to suit your pocket.

For new air conditioner installations, our price includes electrical power supply. Once we are done, you have your unit ready for use.

We also remove and re-install air conditioner units for instance during building make overs and renovations.

Jet Air Conditioners For Midwall Split Aircon Systems

Jet -air conditioner prices are light on the pocket and the units perform very well, able to last up to 15 years.

Depending on unit size, model and distance from indoor to outdoor unit, jet air con installation prices may vary.

Models of Jet-air aircons includes Amber, Amber Mirror, Jet air q-series, Jet air window units and J-smart.

Jet-air Q Series Inverter - offers a self cleaning system with fast cool and heat effect. Enjoy a breeze of cool air with more negative oxygen ions. Jet air q series inverter price is cheap when you look at the appeal, air quality and the top air cleaning ability. We do a complete supply and install service on these units.

Jet air conditioner

Jet Air Q Series Inverter for quality air circulation

Jet air Amber and Amber Mirror - You can view the jet air amber mirror technical specifications here. These non inverters have a fine appeal and very low aircon installation cost. If you have a low budget, this is the ideal mid-wall split installation choice for you.

Jet air air conditioner services

Affordable midwall split air conditioners. Jet air amber aircon unit.

Jet air J Smart Inverter - a smart air con that an link with Wifi. Energy saving, smart defrost, turbo heating and cooling. Ideal for the modern family.

Jet air window non inverter units - for window air conditioning. Low price of installation. These units are for cooling only.

We are a top air conditioner installer for all brands including Jet air units

Jet-Air Air Conditioning Services For Ceiling Mounted Units

The Jet-air air conditioners are a good choice for ceiling and under ceiling aircon system.

jet air conditioning services for ceiling cassette units

Affordable ceiling mount air conditioner. Jet-Air Cassette Split Non-inverter Air conditioner

Jet -air ceiling cassette inverter and non inverter models - Top Jet-Air Cassette Split Non-inverter with smart defrosting function, Smart zone controller

Power-off memory function


Jet-air Air Conditioning Re-gas, Repairs & Service

Call or book online for air jet-air aircon re-gas, service and repairs for your home ac units or office ac units. We resolve all jet-air air codes and faults.

Jet air conditioner repairs is just one of the many brands we cover. We are trusted for fixing jet air air conditioners and use genuine aircon parts for repairs.

Replacement of faulty parts with genuine parts, such as the ones on the list below

Thermostat replacement

Worn out aircon filters

Evaporator and condenser coils

Breakers and capacitors


Let us help you with quality air conditioning maintenance. Our ac repairs covers water leaks inside and outside of the house. Is your air conditioner not cooling? We fix refrigerant leaks and re-gas to normal gas levels. Our top jet air conditioner maintenance service makes sure that no dirty filters remain. Frozen evaporator coils should not be a headache for you.

We can also get in contract ac repairs and maintenance, with a full cover air conditioning service plan.

Jet-air Aircon Error Caodes

Here is a list of jet-air aircon fault codes to be aware of.

E1 – abnormal value of resistance for plastic sensor. Possible cable connection with PCB

E2 – fault error for possible poor signal connection between indoor and outdoor unit, or broken copper sensor.

E3 – abnormal value of resistance for copper sensor. Possible cable connection with PCB

E4 – error code for possible fault with wire connection of indoor

E5 – indoor and outdoor error in communication


Error for outdoor units

F0           fault error relating to temperature sensor of compressor or overheat switch protection

F1           code for outdoor temperature sensor

F2           Discharge temp sensor

F3           Outdoor coil temp sensor

F4           Overheat protection/discharge temp

F5           Outdoor E2PROM

F6           Module IPM

F7           Protection of bus current

F8           Module PFCQ: What happens when certain LED lights are on?

Aircon servicing | Gauteng Aircon Services

Aircon servicing is one of the main packages that we offer at Gauteng Aircon. If you need any air conditioner maintenance or servicing package, call us and we will sort all issues out. Call us now on 0810432004

If you need to ensure high performance of your aircon, make sure you call a qualified contractor at least once every year for regular servicing. A well maintained aircon unit will last long and maintain its design ability throughout. Consequently, regular maintenance will save you money.

At Gauteng Aircon , we offer installation and servicing/repair services of air conditioning systems. Both commercial and residential properties are covered. Apart from maintaining the design functionality and keeping your energy consumption at economic rates, there is also a health benefit. Regular aircon servicing will keep you clear of health risks like sinuses from polluted air. Also, you do not want unexpected major breakdowns, hence the need for regular aircon servicing.

Choose our qualified team for your maintenance!

What makes up aircon servicing

During aircon servicing, we start with thorough cleaning and washing of the filters and outer panels with water.
Then we follow up with another thorough cleaning of the evaporator coil, blower wheel and fan coil. We then proceed to inspect and check the compressor and proper oiling of the fan motors.

We ensure that all dirty coils are removed. This will ensure your air conditioners performance efficiently without any obstruction.  The application of chemicals will follow to clean off bacteria . At Gauteng Aircon we use approved and certified chemicals to kill bacteria and remove dirt.

Aircon maintenance also ensures the drain system functionality including checking hoses, filters, belts and connections

Inspection of the condenser unit

Inspecting the electrical components for wear and tear

Checking the refrigerant system for proper cooling.

Call Gauteng Aircon now for all air conditioner installation and all repair of air conditioners in Gauteng!!