Jet-Air Air Conditioning Randburg

Jet-Air Air Conditioning Randburg by Gauteng Aircon, your trusted air conditioning contractor in Gauteng offers .Call 0810432004 for service

Jet-Air Air Conditioning Randburg

  • Air conditioner cleaning

  • Repairing air conditioners

  • Air conditioner installation

  • Installation of heat pumps
  • Re positioning air conditioners
  • Refrigeration , cold rooms

Air conditioner chemical cleaning

When we do cleaning of aircons in Randburg, we use approved chemicals. Chemical cleaning refers to the cleaning of air conditioners with chemical based cleaners which also kills bacteria.

The process may include the following

  • First ensuring that electronic controls are dismantled
  • Then similarly dismantling the fan coil.
  • Dismantling the drainage device.
  • After the dismantling of units , chemical cleaning takes place
  • We then dry and vacuum the drainage
  • Finally, the system undergoes commissioning and testing

Standard Maintenance

The need for air conditioning has been on the increase for many years now. In fact, the whole of South Africa has seen an increase in use of aircons. Consequently, the need for regular maintenance inevitably follows. Gauteng Aircon has dedicated technicians for air conditioner repairs and maintenance

It is important that as you seek to maintain your aircon unit, you select professional service providers. Therefore, to keep your unit running as it was designed for, with economic energy consumption we recommend at least once a year maintenance.Have a look at what we can do for you

  • Regular checking and cleaning of cover, front panel and filters
  • Purification of filters
  • ¬†evaporator coil cleaning and drainage tray.
  • For drainage pan and system, we give it a thorough vacuum
  • Brushing and checking the condenser coil for leaks.
  • Checking and lubricating fan bearings.
  • compressor discharging of pressure