Sandton aircon services

Sandton aircon services provided by Gauteng Aircon, your choice of air conditioning repairs and air conditioner installation technicians, call us now on 081 043 2004.

Best seasons to get Sandton Aircon Services

If you are looking for a season that is ideal for cost effective aircon installation in Sandton, here is a tip. The winter period is the best time to get economic aircon services. There is usually a slight deep in demand for Sandton aircon services during winter. Therefore, clients can take advantage of this window as most installation and repair of air conditioner costs are slashed. At Gauteng Aircon, we further reduce our rates, even lower than what most Sandton air conditioning contractors will offer. (Air conditioners also circulate warm air, so they are still very relevant in winter). Generally, our rates for air conditioning in Sandton are low throughout the year.


Benefits of using an air conditioner range from having a rejuvenated and alert mind to creating an environment free from insects. As technology advances, air conditioners continue to improve in terms of environmental and personal health. Aricon units come with safety guidelines that ensures a longevity of air conditioning unit and also personal health for users

Some heat emitting equipment such as computer servers and other indoor electronic gadgets need temperature regulations. Many commercial properties in Sandton need such a service. Call us now on 081 043 2004 for a quote or a service

Sandton air conditioner service coverage

When we speak of Sandton aircon services, we refer to all the suburbs bounded by the suburbs of Bryanston, Lonehill , part of Kyalami Estates, Sandton CBD, Woodmead and Linbro Park. Our aircon technicians are available seven days a week so all you need is to dial 081 043 2004. Inspections, maintenance , repairs and installations all covered. If you need a service plan for multiple aircons, we can give you a very good and solid deal. We can recommend you the ideal air conditioner in Sandton for your specific needs and budget. The air conditioning services we offer includes supply and install services, if you do not need the hassle of looking for aircon units yourself.