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Jet-Air Air Conditioning Erkhurleni, call 0810432004 for your air conditioning services in Gauteng, we are available 7 days a week.

When it comes to aircon servicing in Kempton Park, we are the leading contractor. We do things differently, focusing on economic solutions for clients.  That’s why our professional team goes all out in informing the consumers of products and services that can cut down on costs.

Cutting Aircon installation costs : Jet-Air Air Conditioning Erkhurleni

Shopping for your air conditioner brand

When you shop around for the right air conditioner for your home or office, you need to make some considerations. Certainly, if you are not clued on the different brands available on the market, it might be of benefit to check with a contractor. However, some air conditioner contractors get paid for referring certain brands, so the consumer has to do his/her own research.

At Gauteng Aircon, we recommend that the client does his own research and also consult with contractors. This will get your scope broadened and you can then decide whether or not to go with a particular recommendation. For instance, a contractor may decide to push for a certain product simply because his commission is higher on that brand than the other one


Get the right size

 Know your aircon size

There are different sizes of aircons to match the different room sizes. Air conditioner capacity is measured in BTUs. Large rooms require larger aircon sizes. At Gauteng Aircon, we assist with calculations and considerations for determining aircon capacity requirement.

A mismatch of air conditioner strength vs room size will always lead to frustrations. Either you get an air conditioner that is too small for the room or too big for the room. If you use an air conditioner that is too strong for the room, although it will cool fast, it will also cause dampness of walls. This is true especially given that the rate of cooling will be faster than the humidity levels


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