Randburg aircon service

Randburg aircon service supplied by Gauteng Aircon, leading contractor in aircon installation and repairs of air conditioners in Gauteng. We are available 7 days a week, call or WhatsApp on 081 043 2004. You can email or fill in the contact form here for any requests.

We perform air conditioner repairs and maintenance work in Randburg, Gauteng. Let me give you a short and brief explanation of what constitutes an air conditioner repair or maintenance. Our Randburg air conditioning technicians are very thorough in executing their duties. A regular maintenance of air conditioners can not be complete without the inspection and cleaning of filters. This is the first activity we perform for Randburg air conditioning maintenance services. It is of paramount importance for us to ensure that your air conditioner unit is clear of clogging and debris. Therefore, we place value in thoroughly cleaning aircon filters.

Clogging in aircon filters may result in over heating of the blower motors. This will in turn affect the normal functioning of air conditioners and also increase the power consumption. More energy is then needed to push air through the dirt in filters, increasing the electricity bill. Ask for Randburg aircon service contractor to help you with professional maintenance of your air conditioner unit.

The complete maintenance check list for our Randburg aircon service

I have only mentioned and explained a few items for regular checking and maintenance of aircons in Randburg. However, the full check list will include among others, activities such as checking electrical connections.

Leakages of any sort are not welcome in air conditioning units. We inspect and check for leakages of refrigerant pipe connections. Similar to noise, complaints of leakages are common for Randburg air conditioning service.

High pressure and low pressure safety controls must be examined for normal functionality. The proper amounts of sucking and discharge pressures also forms part of maintenance as well.

There is a number of other regular inspections and checks that we perform for your aircon to operate normally with optimum results


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